Jeffrey Tan is a rope access technician who competed in American Ninja Warrior 5.

In American Ninja Warrior 5, he breezed through the qualifying course, clearing it placing 19th. In the city finals, he completed the course with the 5th fastest time, and advanced to the national finals.

In Las Vegas, he had a near stumble on the Giant Cycle. He later failed the Jumping Spider.

American Ninja Warrior 6

He competed again in American Ninja Warrior 6 in St. Louis. His run was cut, but he shockingly failed the Rolling Log, when his hands peeled off at the end.

American Ninja Warrior 7

In American Ninja Warrior 7, he competed in Pittsburgh, where he failed the Devil Steps, when he lost his grip in the middle of the obstacle. He placed 32nd overall in Pittsburgh qualifying, and did not make the city finals for the second year in a row.

Tan has not competed since.

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