Jeff Harris is a dumpster company owner from Arkansas who calls himself The Waste Warrior. He is known for being extremely passionate in recycling, even doing so by recycling 1970s-style clothing while taking on the American Ninja Warrior course.

He is married to his wife Ashley and has one child named Kai. His first appearance in competition was on American Ninja Warrior 10.

American Ninja Warrior 10

He first competed in Dallas in American Ninja Warrior 10. His run was fast-forwarded, but he was one of many to fail the Bouncing Spider in qualifying, not moving on to the city finals.

American Ninja Warrior 11

He returned in Oklahoma City this season. This time, he cleared the qualifying course, placing 6th.

During the city finals, he was the first runner of the night, and had a breakout run, where he notably attempted the Diving Boards by surf-riding them slowly instead of sprinting across them, a technique no competitor has done on the obstacle. He later made it as far as the ninth obstacle, Snap Back, before failing midway through. His performance was enough to place 6th and advance to the national finals in his second season.

In his first national finals appearance, he failed the Double Dipper on stage 1.

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