Jackson Twait is a college student from Hudson, Iowa.

He owns a pet cat named Hades, and calls himself the Cat Daddy.


Jackson's cat, Hades.

American Ninja Warrior 11

He competed in Cincinnati as one of the rookies taking on the course. On the course, he put a sensational run, breezing through all six obstacles and completing the course. He happened to have the 2nd fastest time, so he got the opportunity to face off at the Power Tower, battling Ethan Swanson. On the tower, he was looking strong on for the most part. However, he started to hesitate a bit, causing Swanson to gain the edge. He tried to make a last-ditch leap at the final platform, but consequently failed and tumbled off inches away as Swanson won the race.

He then competed in the Cincinnati finals, but after an amazing rookie debut on the Power Tower in qualifying, he failed the third obstacle, the Spinning Bridge, after second-guessing his approach and ultimately skimming the water at the end. In a shocking end to his rookie season, he placed 30th overall, and did not move on to the national finals.


  • He is the second rookie competitor to face off at the Power Tower, after Conor Galvin in ANW 11's Baltimore qualifiers.
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