Itō Yoshiki


Itō Yoshiki (伊藤 圭紀) won the Miyazaki Beach Sportsman No. 1 competition. The grand prize was an automatic berth in SASUKE 23. In the tournament, he performed very well. He managed to clear all of the obstacles in the First Stage and finished with seconds left on the clock. He then went out in the Second Stage on the Salmon Ladder, which wreaked havoc that day, taking out five contestants. For Itō, he made it to the sixth level successfully, but when trying to make it to the seventh and final level, he only managed to get the right side of the bar on the top level and his grip gave way.

He competed in SASUKE 24 and wore #83. However, his run was all cut.

He competed again in SASUKE 25 and was shown to have failed the Log Grip in the commercial for the tournament. He was fully cut from the actual broadcast.


SASUKE # Result Notes
23 53 Failed Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) Digest. Sixth Level.
24 83 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) All Cut.
25 24 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) All Cut. Shown in commercial.
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