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Ito Ryusuke
Itō, SASUKE 24
Biographical Info
Born July 23, 1983 (1983-07-23) (age 38)
Job TBS Announcer
As an announcer
SASUKE Announcer
2nd Chair SASUKE 25, SASUKE 31
Total 2 competitions
Sportsman Announcer
2nd Chair Pro Sportsman No. 1 2010
Total 1 competition
As a competitor
SASUKE Competitions
First SASUKE 20
Last SASUKE 24
Total 3 competitions
Best SASUKE 20, First Stage, Jumping Spider

Itō Ryūsuke (伊藤 隆佑) is the only person to both compete in and announce a SASUKE tournament. He competed three times, making it to the Jumping Spider twice, both times failing to get his legs into the walls. In his other attempt, he went out on the Log Grip.

In 2010, he was named as the #2 announcer for SASUKE 25, replacing Satō Fumiyasu, who moved up to the first announcer position since Ogasawara Wataru's was unable to attend.

As a commentator for TBS, he has announced several Monster9 events, including the Pro Sportsman No. 1 2010 Monster Box special.

Ito Ryusuke would return in SASUKE 31, replacing Ishii Tomohiro as the number two announcer, who could not announce SASUKE for unknown reasons. Ironically however, he was replaced in the following tournament as well, by Sugiyama Shinya.


SASUKE # Result Notes
20 1953 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
22 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) Digest.
24 31 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)