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Ishikawa Terukazu (石川 輝一) is a former Muscle Musical Member that competed 8 times, with a seven competition gap in between his first two competitions. While he has only recently become a recurring competitor, he has enjoyed relative success in the competitions, completing the First Stage in 6 out of his 8 attempts, and having reached the Third Stage twice, including on his rookie attempt.

In his first attempt, SASUKE 14, he wore #76. In the First Stage, he impressed many when he cleared all the obstacles such as the Jump Hang and Soritatsu Kabe easily and clearing with 21.65 seconds remaining. In the Second Stage, he again cleared all the obstacles quickly finishing with over 10 seconds left. Out of the 10 Third Stage competitors in that tournamnt, Ishikawa was the only rookie. However, his inexperience meant that he fell early on the Body Prop when his left hand slipped.

He returned after a four year, seven tournament absence in SASUKE 22. While it was his first time attempting the new obstacles, he was able to fly by them. When he got to the new Slider Jump, he became the first person to beat it. However, he seemed to slow down too much on his way to the Tarzan Rope and eventually timed out on the top of the Rope Ladder. It is known that he also wore no number during the competition, as he went in between #30 Kasuga Toshiaki and #31 Yamamoto Shingo. He also participated in SASUKE 23 but unexpectedly slipped and fell on the Spider Walk part of the Jumping Spider.

His next appearance was SASUKE 24 wearing #64 and cleared the Jumping Spider that defeated him last time, and the rest of his run was slightly sloppy, though he cleared with 16.21 seconds, he seemed exhausted, his number was even partially torn off. In the Second Stage he struggled even more, as he struggled through the Salmon Ladder, Unstable Bridge, and Balance Tank, ultimately failing the Metal Spin.

After a one tournament absence, he returned in SASUKE 26, where he had no problem clearing the First Stage with 9.2 seconds left. However, he had major trouble on the Second Stage's Double Salmon Ladder. On the transition to the second ladder, the left side of the bar slipped and went down to the rung below. Ishikawa had major trouble fixing this, and though he did, he did not have enough strength left to tranfer to the next rung and his grip finally gave way.

His next attempt, SASUKE 27, was one of his best attempts. Ishikawa cleared the First Stage easily. In the Second Stage Ishikawa got his revenge on the Double Salmon Ladder that took him out in SASUKE 26 and the Metal Spin that took him out in SASUKE 24, and he managed to barely beat the Wall Lifting and the Second Stage with 0.06 seconds left on the clock, the closest Second Stage finish ever, beating James Okada and Hasegawa Ken's records of 0.1 seconds left. However, he ultimately misjudged the excess room of the rungs of the Flying Bar, falling when his swing became too great and as he swung backward, the bar slid off, flipping him into the water before attempting a transfer, ultimately due to swinging for too long and aggressively lurching his body forward to make a jump but backing out last minute. He returned for SASUKE 29 where he was listed as an Izakaya manager, implying that he had left the Muscle Musical. He once again cleared the First Stage, but fell victim of the Second Stage's combination of the redesigned Backstream and a reduced time limit, timing out just as he cleared it.

In SASUKE 30, he competed once again. His First Stage run was cut, but he cleared and joined the numorous amount of clears that day, and was on the list of 27 clears shown in the First/Second Stage interval. In the Second Stage, his run was cut from the broadcast. But It's known that he timed out on the Backstream. Interestly, he was the only competitor in that tournament who's First and Second Stage run had been both completely cut, a first occurrence since SASUKE 4.


Ishikawa also competed in VIKING's second competition. He cleared the First Marine Stage but was digested. He struggled on the Brain Ship Stage, going to a playoff with Takahashi Hiromitsu and was eventually eliminated.


SASUKE # Result Notes
14 76 Failed Body Prop (Third Stage)
22 30A Failed Rope Ladder (First Stage) Time Out. No number given.
23 62 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) All Cut. Shown in intro.
24 64 Failed Metal Spin (Second Stage)
26 85 Failed Double Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) Transition to second ladder.
27 87 Failed Flying Bar (Third Stage) He built up too much momentum and the bar reversed itself causing him to tumble into the water.
29 67 Failed Backstream (Second Stage) Time Out. Got out of the tank as time expired.
30 2974 Failed Backstream (Second Stage) Time Out. All Cut.


Viking # Result Notes
2 97 Failed Brain Ship Stage Lost in a playoff with Takahashi Hiromitsu.

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