The Iron Paddler (アイアンパドラー) was an obstacle, firstly introduced as the second obstacle in SASUKE 28's Third Stage.

It consisted of a bar with two dips for handles held on a scaffolding by the competitors' waists, with having a circular shape at the ends of the bar to revolve. To complete the obstacle, competitors must hold themselves up using the bar and roll it to the end of the 5 meter scaffolding using the handles, much like the Arm Bike, except that the rolling bar was by the competitors' waists, thus being the first Third Stage obstacle to strain the triceps specifically. 

Also, when the competitors reached the other side of the obstacle, they could use the rigging on the sides of the obstacle to support themselves on the dismount. But touching the black part of the bar or the scaffolding would result in disqualification.  

Although no competitor failed on the obstacle, it was proven to be very difficult, as all competitors who completed it, showed signs of struggling throughout the obstacle. In fact, all competitors in SASUKE 28 failed on the next obstacle, the Crazy Cliffhanger, while three out of the four competitors failed on the Crazy Cliffhanger in SASUKE 29 (therefore, earning its purpose as an energy waster). However, after Takahashi Kenji's run in SASUKE 29, where he managed to complete the obstacle rather quickly without signs of fatigue, fewer competitors showed signs of struggling with the obstacle.

After Morimoto Yūsuke's kanzenseiha in SASUKE 31, as well as the obstacle's zero knock-out rate, the Iron Paddler was replaced in the next tournament by its predecessor, the Flying Bar.  

Rolling Steel

ANW5 Rolling Steel

American Ninja Warrior 5's Rolling Steel in Miami

A variation of the Iron Paddler, called as the Rolling Steel, appeared as the ninth obstacle during Miami finals on American Ninja Warrior 5, which was a hybrid of the obstacle itself and the Arm Bike.

Competitors must move a similar bar from the Iron Paddler, with a similar fashion as the Arm Bike, on a track with upward incline.

Unlike the Iron Paddler (where the obstacle didn't eliminate any competitor who attempted it), the Rolling Steel eliminated 2 out of 10 competitors who attempted it (Grant David and Idoko Abuh).

Other Appearances

AusNW3 Rolling Steel

Australian Ninja Warrior 3's Rolling Steel

On Australian Ninja Warrior 3, the Rolling Steel appeared as the fourth obstacle in every qualifying heat.

Similar to its appearance during Miami finals on American Ninja Warrior 5, the obstacle only eliminated a handful of competitors. During the broadcast, it eliminated Mel Armstrong in Heat 3 and Tatyanna Pogonza-Dumas in Heat 5.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS/NBC broadcast and external information found


SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
28 3 3 100%
29 4 4 100%
30 9 9 100%
31 8 8 100%
Total 24 24 100%

American Ninja Warrior

ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW5 (Rolling Steel) 8 10 80%
Total 8 10 80%
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