InvincAbels are a team on American Ninja Warrior's team competition franchise. Captain Abel Gonzalez has been the only constant throughout all of the team's appearances. Other members have included Jeri D'Aurelio, Nathan Jasso, Geoff Lancaster, Victor Juarez, and Marybeth Wang.

The team name is a play on the word "invincible", with Abel's name replacing the last 4 letters. The logo on the team's uniform is a parody of the 2004 Pixar animated movie, The Incredibles.

Team Ninja Warrior

The InvincAbels made their first appearance in Team Ninja Warrior with Abel recruiting Nathan Jasso and Jeri D'Aurelio for the roster. They first competed in Episode 6 against Real Life Beasts:

They went up against Party Time in Round 2:

  • Nathan won the first race as Jake Murray injured his left knee on the Ring Toss,
  • In the second race, Jennifer Tavernier and Jeri D'Aurelio both completed the Warped Wall. However, Jennifer did it one second faster than Jeri. therefore D'Aurelio lost the race,
  • Abel lost the anchor run against Brian Arnold and the InvincAbels were eliminated from the competition.

Team Ninja Warrior 2

The InvincAbels returned to compete in Team Ninja Warrior 2. However, Geoff Lancaster replaced Nathan Jasso from the previous season. This revamped team first competed in Episode 7 where they went up against Team Ronin:

Going up against the Towers of Power in Round 2:

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja Vs. Ninja

The InvincAbels returned to compete in the spin-off, American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja. However, Victor Juarez replaced Geoff Lancaster and Marybeth Wang replaced Jeri D'Aurelio for the previous season. This revamped team first competed in Episode 7 where they went up against Iron Grip.

  • Victor lost the first race against Mathis Owhadi,
  • Marybeth won the second race as Tiana Webberley fell on the Criss Cross Ring Toss,
  • But Abel Gonzalez lost the third race against Daniel Gil,
  • The InvincAbels then lost the relay race that followed and the team was eliminated from the competition.
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