Iijima Toyohisa (飯島 豊久) participated thirteen times but only passed the First Stage in his rookie effort while he was a member of Japan's Professional Self Defense Force. He later moved on to be a martial arts dance instructor and is currently an actor in action movies. Because of his striking resemblance to Bruce Lee, he dressed like him in many competitions and was called "The Japanese Bruce Lee."

He cleared the First Stage in his first attempt, but then struggled with obstacles like the Rolling Maruta and the Jump Hang. In Sasuke 2 he was expected to clear the unchanged Stage One, however even the hype he brought into his entrance his run ended on the Maruta Nobori.

In Sasuke 3, they showed most of his Stage One run, he showboated after clearing the Maruta Norobi. However, he was too slow as he had only 5 seconds left to attempt it and he timed out on the Rope Climb.

In Sasuke 4, he competed in a yellow outfit. It didn't helped him at all as he failed the Rolling Maruta.

In Sasuke 5, he had a big wipeout on the Jump Hang. In Sasuke 6, he failed the Rolling Maruta in a all cut performance.

In SASUKE 7, he cleared for the first time the Jump Hang but timed out on the Soritatsu Kabe. In SASUKE 11, he became rather infamous for showboating through the First Stage and timing out mere centimeters from hitting the finish buzzer. In that tournament, he leaped straight across the Tarzan Jump rather than use the ropes to swing. He then took a two competition hiatus, and promptly timed out on the final obstacle again.

After seven years and a fifteen-ournament break, he finally returned in SASUKE 30. In the First Stage, he showboated again but cleared the first two obstacles. But then, he went out on the Hedgehog. It was shown that he didn't wait for a path to get through it and instead just rushed to try and get across.

In SASUKE 31, his run was all cut. He was able to clear most of the obstacles, with him doing a roll on the dismount on the Orugōru as he cleared it. However, he was too exhausted on the Tackle and had only thirty seconds at that point. In the Soritatsu Kabe, he took two attempts on the wall. On his last attempt, he was able to come close with five inches away from reaching up to the top of the wall with his hands after the buzzer ended.


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SASUKE # Result Notes
1 59 Failed Goren Hammer (Second Stage)
2 63 Failed Maruta Nobori (First Stage)
3 63 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out, Middle Cut.
4 31 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
5 61 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
6 63 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage) All Cut.
7 21 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out.
8 21 Failed Ōdama (First Stage)
9 21 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
10 930 Failed Rolling Maruta (First Stage)
11 31 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out.
14 66 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out. Digest.
30 2951 Failed Hedgehog (First Stage)
31 42 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out. All Cut.
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