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Honma Kōta (本間 晃汰) is the youngest competitor ever to clear Stage One, doing so at age 16 in SASUKE 17. He and Suzuka Ryūgo (SASUKE 4) are the only two 16-year-olds to clear Stage One.

Honma first made his debut at only age 13, in SASUKE 13. There, he amazed everyone, including his heroes, the SASUKE All-Stars and made it deep into the First Stage but eventually timing out on the bottom of the Rope Climb. He returned in SASUKE 14 and went at an even faster pace. On the Jump Hang, he was able to grab onto the net and decided to go under. However, he moved too fast and his foot touched the water. In SASUKE 15, he once again beat all of the obstacles but timed out short of touching the button. After this defeat, Honma joined his high school track and field team to help with his speed and endurance. His training paid off because in SASUKE 17, he beat all of the obstacles in one shot and is tied with Suzuka Ryūgo for youngest First Stage clear. In the Second Stage, he again showed great speed. However, on the downwards portion of the Spider Walk, Honma moved too fast and his right foot slipped causing him to fall into the water.

Honma has competed three times since then in Shin-SASUKE, with little success. After a one year, two tournament hiatus, Honma returned to SASUKE in SASUKE 20. There he wore #1960 and made it past the first two obstacles easily. But on the Pole Maze, he moved too fast and made a careless mistake trying to get to the far platform and he slipped from the pole into the water. He returned in SASUKE 23. Although he was all cut, from the SASUKE Library 23rd iPhone application it is known that he made it to the Half-Pipe Attack before failing. Honma also competed in SASUKE 24, where he failed to stick onto the walls of the Jumping Spider.

In SASUKE 24, Honma's profile read ジャグリング消防士 or Juggling Firefighter so it is known that Honma will now become a firefighter like his hero, Takeda Toshihiro.


SASUKE # Result Notes
13 57 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out
14 53 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage) Honma's foot skimmed the water while climbing under the net.
15 52 Failed Rope Climb (First Stage) Time Out
17 51 Failed Spider Walk (Second Stage)
20 1960 Failed Pole Maze (First Stage)
23 25 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage) All Cut
24 74 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) Digest