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Hioki Masashi (日置 将士) is an electronics store worker who failed in the SASUKE 21 Trials on the Jump Ring. In the SASUKE 22 Trials he failed the Final Hurdle. He was finally able to compete in SASUKE 25 by qualifying through the SASUKE 25 Audition and winning the 50-meter dash.

In the tournament, he performed well by scaling the Soritatsu Kabe on his second try and making it to the new Circle Slider. On the Circle Slider, he didn't get enough height to the ring and fell into the water.

He returned in SASUKE 26. Although his run was all cut, it is known that he timed out on the Soritatsu Kabe.

Hioki also competed in SASUKE 27, where he was shown in a digest failing the Giant Swing. Although he was able to grab the swing and even make the landing, he did not have enough momentum needed to make it up the incline, causing him to lose his balance and fall back into the water.

After a one tournament hiatus, he returned for SASUKE 29. For the first time ever, he cleared the First Stage, doing so with only 2.84 seconds left. In the Second Stage, he started off quickly; however, on the Unstable Bridge, he moved hand by hand instead of lunging both forward simultaneously and had trouble landing, which cost him almost 20 seconds. He eventually timed out on the Backstream like many that day.

In SASUKE 30, he cleared the First Stage with 5.7 seconds left. On the Second Stage, he managed to clear the stage for the first time with a close 2 seconds still left on the clock. In the Third Stage, Hioki had an amazing save on the new Drum Hopper; however, he failed the transition to the 4th ledge on the Crazy Cliffhanger.

He returned for SASUKE 31, where he put in an exciting performance. In the First Stage, he was relatively slow and took time to rest on the Soritatsu Kabe. He narrowly became the first to clear with 0.1 seconds left. He was the first to attempt the Second Stage, and also the first to clear. But in the Third Stage, history repeated itself when he failed the Crazy Cliffhanger for the 2nd straight time.

In SASUKE 32, he once again wore the #31, hoping to be the first to clear the First Stage. This didn't happen however as he had a surprising fail on the new Double Pendulum when he wasn't able to reach the bar, similar to the fail he had on the Circle Slider at SASUKE 25. This was his second earliest fail, after SASUKE 27.

SASUKE 33 saw a return to form for Hioki, who wore #45 for this tournament. Hioki cleared the First Stage with 5.91 seconds remaining, and made a valiant effort in the Second Stage, but eventually timed out on the modified Reverse Conveyor.

In SASUKE 34, Hioki managed to clear the First Stage with ease with 25.49 seconds left. He also was able to redeem himself on the Second Stage. In the Third Stage, he failed on the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger.

He returned in SASUKE 35, wearing #60. He became the first person to beat the new Dragon Glider by using the reverse-grip technique and went to beat the First Stage with 11.38 seconds left and then went on beat the Second Stage with 16 seconds left. On the Third Stage, despite struggling to cope with the coldness, he beat the Flying Bar and Sidewinder, but he was defeated on the new Planet Bridge.

He returned in SASUKE 36, wearing #71. Before the competition, he hurt his right foot during training, and had to undergo physical therapy in order to be able to compete. Despite his foot recovering from being swollen, he cleared the First Stage with 8.03 seconds left and then went on to beat the Second Stage with 13.11 seconds left. On the Third Stage, although he suffered coldness again, he once again cleared the Flying Bar and Sidewinder. This time, he clear the Planet Bridge and even the first jump on the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger, but he was unable to hold on the second moving ledge.

He once again competed in SASUKE 37, wearing #60. He cleared the First Stage with 3.38 seconds left, despite a small stumble on the modified Fish Bone. He then went on to clear the Second Stage as well. However, on the Third Stage, he failed the first jump on the modified Cliffhanger Dimension.

In SASUKE 38, he wore #57 and completed the First Stage with relative ease. In the Second Stage however, he was one of many to be disoriented by the Rolling Log and as a result he nearly slipped on the Spider Walk. Although he managed to catch himself, this ended up taking too much time and he timed out on the Wall Lifting before he could lift the final wall.

In SASUKE 39, he wore #59 and completed Stage 1 with plenty of time left, although his feet is not good at tackle; he also get revenge on Stage 2, cleared it with time to spare; In Third Stage, he cleared the new area Swing Edge when he first challange it. However, he agained failed at the first jump on the Cliffhanger Dimension.

Despite having made it to the Third Stage seven times in the last 9 competitions (marking him as one of the strongest and most consistent competitors in recent tournaments), he has never received a start number in the 80s or 90s that would be expected otherwise (except for SASUKE 25 where he wore 92, however, this was as a result of a lottery for that tournament). This is due to the fact that TBS intentionally give him a lower number to spread out the stronger competitors, and usually expect him to be the first competitor to clear the First and Second Stages.


  • He and Sato Jun are the only two Shin Sedai that had attempted the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger more than four times and never completed the second transition.
  • Hioki never failed the Second Stage by falling into the pool but instead timed out.
  • He is the only competitor that failed the Planet Bridge.
  • He is the first person to cleared the First Stage during SASUKE 313335.
  • He is the only Shin Sedai cleared Swing Edge when it first appeared.


SASUKE # Result Notes
25 92 Failed Circle Slider (First Stage)
26 64 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) All Cut. Time Out.
27 61 Failed Giant Swing (First Stage) Digest.
29 73 Failed Backstream (Second Stage) Time Out. Was out of tank when time expired.
30 2935 Failed Crazy Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Failed Jump. (4th Ledge)
31 31 Failed Crazy Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Failed Jump. (4th Ledge)
32 31 Failed Double Pendulum (First Stage)
33 45 Failed Reverse Conveyor (Second Stage) Time Out.
34 45 Failed Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Failed Jump. (1st Transition)
35 60 Failed Planet Bridge (Third Stage) First competitor that cleared Dragon Glider in Stage 1.
36 71 Failed Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Failed Jump. (2nd Transition)
37 60 Failed Cliffhanger Dimension (Third Stage) Failed Jump. (1st Transition)
38 57 Failed Wall Lifting (Second Stage) Timed Out, Third Wall.
39 59 Failed Cliffhanger Dimension(Third Stage) Failed Jump.(1st Transition)

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