Higashi Yuko was a housewife who competed in KUNOICHI 4, KUNOICHI 6, kunoichi 5 and KUNOICHI 7 with her daughter Higashi Rena. In KUNOICHI 4, she outlasted her daughter who failed the Fuchawatari. She struggled on the Fuandou, tipping it sideways three times. She somehow completed it and failed the Enchu Nori by falling off of the platform at the end. In Kunoichi 5, she lost her balance on the spring-loaded Buyoshi and tried to rush, in the end, she fell in front of the platform. In KUNOICHI 6, she performed much better on the Fuandou, easily making it across, but she only made it halfway through the Enchu Nori before losing her balance and falling. In KUNOICHI 7, she again struggled with the Fuandou and reached the Enchu Nori with little time left, she finally cleared it but timed out on the way to the Haso Tobi

KUNOICHI 4 Failed Enchu Nori (First Stage)
KUNOICHI 6 Failed Enchu Nori (First Stage)
KUNOICHI 7 Failed Haso Tobi (First Stage) (Time Out)
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