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Hedgehog (ヘッジホッグ) is a First Stage obstacle that was introduced in SASUKE 29 as the third obstacle. It was a replica of Rolling Saboten from a tournament called DOORS, which last aired in 2009 and featured Inui Masato as its Director.

Competitor must cross a four-metre-long rotating log that had several large pillars to slow down movement. Due to safety reasons, competitors were not allowed to grab the pillars. If they did so, the log would stop spinning, indicating that the competitors had failed the obstacle.

Asa Kazuma attempting Hedgehog in SASUKE 29

This obstacle eliminated competitors such as Kishimoto Shinya, Takeda Toshihiro, and Iijima Toyohisa. However, due to its high clear rate, it was replaced by Orugōru in SASUKE 31.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
29 52 72 72.22%
30 59 76 77.63%
Total 111 148 75%

Other Appearances

SASUKE Vietnam

SASUKE Vietnam 4's Hedgehog

Cầu Nhím, SASUKE Vietnam's official name for Hedgehog, appeared as the third obstacle in Stage 1B from SASUKE Vietnam 1 to SASUKE Vietnam 5.

In SASUKE Vietnam 1, competitors were allowed to grab the pillars. Two competitors grabbed the pillars and got stuck in there as the log stopped spinning and ultimately fell into the water. To prevent this, starting in the next season, competitors who grabbed the pillars would be disqualified.

In SASUKE Vietnam 1, the obstacle had a 76.92% completion rate in Stage 1B, eliminating 24 out of 104 competitors who attempted it.