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The Hasso Tobi (八艘跳) is a First Stage obstacle introduced in KUNOICHI 3. The obstacle was a replacement for the Sanrentobi and ended up being more of a threat than its successor; however this was largely due to the fact more people attempted the obstacle. The obstacle was in every tournament from KUNOICHI 3 to KUNOICHI 7, except for KUNOICHI 6 which was revised for the international competitors.

KUNOICHI 3 Version

The first version of Hasso Tobi was the sixth obstacle of the first stage. The competitor had to leap from a trampoline onto a small, rounded, yellow island. Afterwards the competitor had to use their momentum to jump back onto the platform. This was by far the easiest version of the obstacle and many who cleared it used only one foot to land on it, as opposed to landing on the entire island. Those who failed the obstacle, failed due to landing wrong, or tried to skip the yellow island altogether. This version only lasted one tournament.


The second incarnation of Hasso Tobi remained the same as its successor; however, it lacked the small yellow post, which helped many competitors pass it the previous tournament. This version proved to be much more dangerous, and stopped several competitors from clearing the stage that had done so in previous tournaments. This version lasted two tournaments, and was removed after KUNOICHI 5 in order to make the course slightly easier in hopes of more clears, especially for the new international contestants.

KUNOICHI 7 Version

The third and final version of Hasso Tobi was the most dangerous. It was composed of a trampoline that competitors had to jump on and then land on a giant, tall, yellow island, about a meter high. This version was the trickiest, because unlike previous incarnations, this version was only passed when competitors did not use the trampoline. The four people that cleared this version, all used one foot and landed it on the edge of the trampoline, as opposed to using both feet on the cross center of the trampoline. Despite its failure rate, it only lasted one tournament due to the format redesign in KUNOICHI 8.

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNOICHI Clears Attempts Percentage
3 18 23 78.26%
4 10 23 44.48%
5 7 10 70%
7 4 12 36.36%
Total 39 68 58.22%