Tomomi Hanzawa was a member of the acrobatic dance team, the G-Rockets. She was a two-time KUNOICHI competitor.


Hanzawa first competed in KUNOICHI 3. She was digested in the First Stage, but it showed her completing the Hop Rocket and completing the first stage with 6.9 seconds left. In the Second Stage, her run was also digested, but it showed her completing the Second Stage with 8.7 seconds left. In the Third Stage, she easily passed the Nirenbou. On the Tourenban, she started quickly, but in the Green Zone, she slowed down a little bit, probably because the Blue Zone was the easiest. On the Tenbinbashi, she went slow and shaky, but passed with 2.1 seconds left. On the Final Stage, she went slow on the first part causing her to time out inches from the button.

She returned for KUNOICHI 4, but did not have as much success as she did previously. She went slow on the Buyoishi and Fuchawatari, and had major problems on the Fuandou. On the Enchu Nori, she went quick. On the Samenso at the end, she took little steps losing a couple seconds. But on the Haso Tobi, no problem at all. On the Chou Touhan, she had no problem. On the Daikakkou, she slid down carefully. On the Hashigo, she had only 12 seconds to get up it. She got up it fast, but missed the buzzer by 0.2 seconds.

Competition # Result Notes
3 95 Tenkubou (Final Stage) Reached out 1 second after time ran out.
4 47 Hashigo (First Stage) Timed out by 0.2 seconds.


Hanzawa participated in the SASUKE 13 Trials, but failed at the very first obstacle, the Godantobi. She did not earn a spot in SASUKE 13.

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