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Hang Move (ハングムーブ), called Chain Swing in English broadcasts, was a Third Stage obstacle that first appeared in SASUKE 2. The obstacle consisted of six chains hanging down from the scaffolding above with a wooden foot rest at the bottom, which competitors must use to help them get across to the next platform.

Tanaka Hikaru attempting Hang Move in SASUKE 2

Yamamoto Shingo attempting modified Hang Move in SASUKE 3

Originally, all the chains were at the same length, making it easier for competitors, as proven by the 100% clear rate. This prompts the producers to modified the obstacle in the next tournament, with the first, third, and fifth chains lengthened to add some difficulty. However, it still didn't eliminate any competitor and with Third Stage having five clears in this tournament, it was replaced with Arm Bike and Cliffhanger in SASUKE 4 to make the course harder, with the latter proved to be a fatal addition to the stage.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
2 9 9 100%
3 6 6 100%
Total 15 15 100%

Other Appearances

American Ninja Warrior

The Hang Move was used during the second day of Boot Camp finals on American Ninja Warrior 3 as an obstacle in the Pressure Challenge. However, there were just four chains instead of six. Each competitor wore a heavy backpack to add the difficulty. There, Alan Connealy became the first and only competitor to fail at this obstacle, resulting in his team, the Red Dragons, earning a punishment.

Floating Chains

American Ninja Warrior 5's Floating Chains in Venice Beach

On American Ninja Warrior 5, a variation of the Hang Move (called the Floating Chains), appeared as the fourth obstacle in Venice Beach. It featured five hanging chains, with a small prism-shaped foothold on each of the second and fourth chains (the first, third, and fifth chains had no foothold). This version eliminated a fair number of competitors during Venice Beach qualifiers, including Derek Nakamoto. However, no competitor failed on this obstacle during Venice Beach finals.

Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior UK's Chain Swing

The Floating Chains appeared as the seventh obstacle during the semi-finals and finals' Stage 1 on Ninja Warrior UK, and was called the Chain Swing (which was the same name for the Hang Move during the broadcast of Ninja Warrior). However, the placement of the small prism-shaped footholds was inverted; each of the first, third, and fifth chains had a foothold, while the second and fourth chains had no foothold.

Then, the Chain Swing returned on Ninja Warrior UK 2, as the seventh obstacle during the finals' Stage 1. This time, there were only three chains instead of five, and only the second chain had a foothold (the first and third chains had no foothold).