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American Ninja Warrior 13's Hammer Drop in Stage Two

The Hammer Drop is an obstacle, introduced as the fourth obstacle in Stage Two on American Ninja Warrior 13, replacing the Swing Surfer from its past three recent appearances.

The obstacle had a similar configuration to the Swing Surfer, except that the pendulum was much larger (22 inches in circumference) and the bottom part had ledges embedded around it. In addition, the pendulum itself was rotated up much higher as the bottom part was being nearly vertical from the competitors' view.

Competitors must jump off a springboard and leap to the bottom part of the pendulum in which they must hold onto the ledges as the pendulum moves back and forth. Then, they must work their way around the pendulum so that they can stand on the top of the pendulum. From there, they must make a leap to a sliding rope, then transfer to a climbing wall embedded with ledges (which was kept from the previous Swing Surfer) and finally, drop down to the landing platform. During the broadcast, there was a sound effect whenever the log rotated down.

In its first appearance, this obstacle eliminated five competitors which are Anthony Porter, Max Feinberg, Tyler Yamauchi, Jonathan Godbout, and Matt Bradley.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW13 15 20 75%
Total 15 20 75%

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