Gondou Hiroyuki (権藤 博幸) is a baker who has competed four times.

He first competed in SASUKE 27 and was digested. He was shown to have failed the Rolling Escargot.

He returned in SASUKE RISING. During the tournament, he was able to beat the Rolling Escargot by making a large leap to the landing platform. Then, he cleared the Spin Bridge, becoming the first person that day to clear it. He was the first person to attempt the new Jump Hang Kai but failed to reach the net because he missed hitting the trampoline.

He returned in SASUKE 29 and made it to the second obstacle, the Log Grip. However, he could not hold onto the obstacle and fell into the water short of the landing pad.

He returned in SASUKE 30, and was cut from the broadcast, but it was known that he failed on Log Grip again.


SASUKE # Result Notes
27 67 Failed Rolling Escargot (First Stage) Digest.
28 37 Failed Jump Hang Kai (First Stage) First person to make it to the Jump Hang Kai.
29 20 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) All Cut. Shown in intro.
30 2945 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) All Cut.
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