The Godantobi (五段跳び), known as the Quintuple Step on English broadcasts, was an obstacle introduced on SASUKE 8 as the first obstacle of the First Stage, replacing the Maruta Nobori which had been there for the first seven tournaments.

Competitors had to jump across four steps that were angled 45° degrees toward the center of a water pit, and then had to jump to the landing platform at the end. The steps were positioned right-left-right-left across the length of the pit.

Each step was 60 centimeters (2 feet) wide, and the total length of the obstacle was 6.2 meters (20 feet and 4 inches). This obstacle required both speed and balance. It was proven to be brutal in its first tournament, eliminating half of the field.

It lasted four tournaments before being replaced with the Yamagoe in SASUKE 12.

The obstacle returned in SASUKE 28, with the steps were similar as the one used in the Step Slider, but was replaced by the Long Jump in the next tournament.

Although most of the competitors who failed at the obstacle were joke competitors, the Godantobi was notable for eliminating Akiyama Kazuhiko in SASUKE 9, when his foot touched the water while leaping from the fourth step to the landing platform, becoming the first SASUKE All-Star to fail at the very first obstacle of the First Stage.

This obstacle served as the basic concept of the Quad Steps, which was used as the first obstacle in qualifying and semifinal on American Ninja Warrior 2 and American Ninja Warrior 3, and then on American Ninja Warrior 4 in every qualifying region, though the steps were much wider. Some competitors have even resorted to taking multiple steps on each platform.

From American Ninja Warrior 5 to American Ninja Warrior 7, an extra step was added and the name changed to Quintuple Steps. Then, it was replaced on American Ninja Warrior 8 by the Floating Steps.

In SASUKE 32, the Quad Steps was introduced. Its main difference with the Godantobi was that when the competitors reached the fourth step, they would need to jump to the next obstacle (the Rolling Hill) instead of jumping to the platform.

SASUKE 28 Godantobi

Godantobi, SASUKE 28


Drawing of the Godantobi

Other Appearances

SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia

SNWI Quintuple Steps

SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia's Quintuple Steps in Challenge Stage

On SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia, the Godantobi appeared as the first obstacle during both Challenge Stage and Semifinal Stage 2. However, the obstacle was called as the Quintuple Steps (referred to G4's Ninja Warrior name for the Godantobi, not the Quintuple Steps). The Quintuple Steps itself would later appear as the first obstacle during Challenge Stage on the next season.

Similar to the one used on SASUKE Vietnam 2, several competitors only used either the left or right side of the steps to complete the obstacle.

SASUKE Vietnam

Godantobi VNese

SASUKE Vietnam 2's Godantobi

On SASUKE Vietnam 2, Nhảy Bước 4 (SASUKE Vietnam's offical name for the Godantobi) appeared as the first obstacle in Stage 1A and 1B, which was similar to one used on SASUKE Ninja Warrior Indonesia (since several competitors only used either the left or right sides of the steps to complete the obstacle).

Due to the obstacle was very easy, it was replaced by the Step Slider (called locally as Nhảy 4 Bước) on the next season.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
8 50 100 50%
9 86 100 86%
10 81 100 81%
11 75 100 75%
28 68 100 68%
Total* 360 500 72%
  • Notes: In a special before SASUKE 15, the completion percentage was said to be 292 clears out of 400 attempts. However, it was unknown (besides SASUKE 8) how well competitors did in a specific tournament.


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