The Giant Swing (ジャイアントスイング) is the seventh obstacle of the First Stage, introduced in SASUKE 26. The competitor must jump from a springboard to a giant bar which swings to the net much like a trapeze. It proved to be much easier than its notable counterpart, the Slider Jump, as only one competitor, Adam Truesdell, failed it.

SASUKE 27 Version


The SASUKE 27 version of the Giant Swing.

The Giant Swing returned for SASUKE 27 as the third obstacle of the First Stage. The competitors must jump from a springboard to giant bar which swings to a angled platform much like one of the Rokudantobi. The obstacle took out some of the top competitors and rookies.

American Version

The Obstacle was used in American Ninja Warrior 4 and even though 8 competitors didn't complete it, 85 others held on and cleared the obstacle. It was also used in the American Ninja Warrior 5 Venice Beach Finals, with there being 2 swings instead of 1 and called the Trapeze Swing. 

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
26 14 16 92.86%
27 48 60 74.10%
ANW4 85 93 38.50%
Total 139 156 86.74%
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