Personal Life

Fukushima Wakana is a Former Japanese Self-Defense Force Member, she then became an Entertainer. She is a KUNOICHI Regular, having competed in 3 tournaments.


Fukushima Wakana has competed on KUNOICHI 3 times.

She first competed in KUNOICHI 5. She was seen at the startline blowing her trumpet, and then starting on the course. She passed the Buyoishi, Fuchawatari, and Fuandou with no trouble. When she reached the Enchu Nori, she began picking up to much speed. She started heading down the track, then tried to jump to the landing platform, she landed in the water.

She also competed in KUNOICHI 7. She passed the Tobii Sou with ease. She then pressed the button at the Danchigaibou to start the Shouchu. She started running down the logs and nearly fell on the second log. She was too slow to cross, and couldn't get to the Shouchu and time and jumped directly into the water.

She then finally competed in KUNOICHI 8. She started off easily beating the Fuansou, Maruta Bashi, and Tsuritenbou while following directly behind Komiya Rie. She then cleared the Tetsujomo quickly. When she reached the Buranchō, she released only her legs and then was forced into the water by the swing.

KUNOICHI # Result Notes
5 9 Failed Enchu Nori (First Stage)
7 28 Failed Shouchu (First Stage)
8 39 Failed Buranchō (First Stage)
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