Fuji Television Network, Inc., also known as Fuji TV is a Japanese television station based in Daiba, Minato and Tokyo, Japan. It is the flagship of the Fuji News Network (FNN) and the Fuji Network System.


Fuji Television Network Inc. was founded on November 18, 1957, and started broadcasting on March 1, 1959. In June of that year, Fuji TV formed a network with Tokai TV, Kansai TV, and KBC Television. In October 1966, a news network of exchanging news with local stations with the name of FNN (Fuji News Network) was formed.


On August 7 and 21, 2011, more than 2,000 protesters from the Japanese Culture Channel Sakura and other rightist groups rallied in front of Fuji Television and Fuji Media Holdings' headquarters in Odaiba, Tokyo to demonstrate against the network's increased use of Korean content, information manipulation and insulting treatments to Japanese people. Channel Sakura called Fuji TV the "Traitor Network" in these protests.

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