Fred Dorrington is a climbing instructor from Brisbane, Queensland, who firstly competed on Ninja Warrior UK 3.

Ninja Warrior UK 3

On Ninja Warrior UK 3, Fred took the fifth place in his heat (Heat 3) and the sixth place during the semi-finals. During the finals, he made all the way to Stage 2, before going out on the Monkey Pegs.

Australian Ninja Warrior

When Ninja Warrior competition was finally came to his home country Australia, Fred used his experience on Ninja Warrior UK 3 to compete on Australian Ninja Warrior. In his heat (Heat 5), he finished in seventh place. In his semifinal (Semifinal 2), he finished in seventh place once again. During the grand final, he made all the way to Stage Two, before going out on the Unstable Bridge. Despite that, since he made the furthest and fastest than any other competitor during the grand final, he earned the title as the 'Last Man Standing' of the season.

The review about Fred Dorrington's water disqualification at Big Dipper-0

The review about Fred Dorrington's water disqualification at Big Dipper.

Also during the grand final, Fred actually almost didn't advance to Stage Two. In Stage One, while he was on the Jump Hang, he got disqualified after his foot touched the water on the Big Dipper. However, during the review, it was revealed that his foot didn't touch the water (the ripple on the water was from the pushed safety mat). Therefore, he was allowed to continue his run, at the exactly point and exactly time he was in Jump Hang before being stopped (this is very different with other SASUKE/Ninja Warrior format, where competitors have to rerun the whole stage after protesting successfully, especially the stage with time limit.)

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

On Australian Ninja Warrior 2, Fred finished in seventh place in his heat (Heat 1). In his semifinal (Semifinal 3), he went out on the eighth obstacle (the Hourglass to Tramp to Bungee) and finished in third place. During the grand final, he made all the way to Stage Two, before going out on the Salmon Ladder.

SASUKE Vietnam 4

After competing on Australian Ninja Warrior 2, Fred (along with fellow Australian competitors Ben Polson and Olivia Vivian) flew to Vietnam to compete on SASUKE Vietnam 4.

He completed Stage 1B with 1:04.66 left, earned "Run of the Night" award and completed Stage 2 in 2:59.09. However, in Stage 3, he fell on the Hang Climbing.

Fred also earned the title of Run of the Night in Episode 8 of SASUKE Vietnam 4 and received the cash prize of VND 4,000,000.

Australian Ninja Warrior 3

On Australian Ninja Warrior 3, he was the tenth competitor to complete the Mega Warped Wall and placed 5th in Heat 5. However, at the semifinal 1, he went out at the Flying Shelf Grab part of Salmon Ladder to Flying Shelf at just barely placed 9th out of 10 competitors advanced to the Grand Final. As the result, he failed right at the second obstacle, Propeller, in Stage One.

SASUKE Vietnam 5

He made the second trip to Vietnam with SASUKE Vietnam 5. He earned "Run of the Night" award for the second time for completing the Stage 1A with 74.42 seconds left.


Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior 2

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