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American Ninja Warrior 5's Flying Nunchucks in Venice Beach

The Flying Nunchucks is an obstacle first introduced as the fifth obstacle during Venice Beach qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior 5.

Competitors must jump from a trampoline and grab the first pair of nunchucks. Then, competitors must build enough swing and momentum to make the transition to the second pair of nunchucks (in a similar fashion to the Chain See-Saw), and finally to the landing platform to advance.

Several top competitors failed on this obstacle, including Paul Darnell, Brian Orosco, Dan Mast, Ryan Thompson, Will Roberts, Robert Ing, Michael Zernow, Jessie Graff, Kyle Cochran, and Kacy Catanzaro. Several competitors failed to grab the first pair of nunchucks, while others failed to make the transition to the second pair of nunchucks. In the end, the Flying Nunchucks became the cut off for advancing to Venice Beach finals.

During Venice Beach finals, it was replaced by a much easier obstacle, the Trapeze Swing.