Final Viking is the final stage of all VIKING tournaments (Regular, Family and Celebrity). Throughout all of the different VIKING's, there were six versions of this stage (2 in Regular, 2 in Family plus 1 Final Final), and 1 in Celebrity). In the Family and Celebrity versions, the tournaments were competition-style, ensuring a winner. In the Regular version, completing the stage resulted in Kanzenseiha, however there was no winner before the Regular series was canceled.

Final Viking Obstacles

VIKING Final VIKING Obstacles Time Limit
1 Horizontal Rope (23m) Vertical Rope (10m) 100.0
2 Horizontal Rope (23m) Vertical Rope (10m) 100.0
3 Hawkeye Steady
Heartbreaker None
Family VIKING Final VIKING Obstacles Time Limit
1 Victory Bridge Swing Mast Victory Swing 55.0
2 Kadōshiki Untei 90.0
3 Hanging Maths Victory Swing 90.0
Celebrity VIKING Final VIKING Obstacles
1 Ladder Climb (20m)
  • There was no definitive time limit as the timer counted upward in Celebrity VIKING's Final, meaning it would have lasted as long as the competitors took to climb the tower before pressing the button.

Version 1 (Regular VIKING 1-2)

The regular tournaments of VIKING had 2 versions over the 3 tournaments. The first two tournaments featured a 23 meter Horizontal Rope (ホライズンロープ) leading to a 10 meter tower with a Vertical Rope (バーティカルロープ). The competitors had to cross hand-over-hand for approximately half of the rope (marked by a flag) after which the competitors were free to use their legs. After reaching the end of the Horizontal Rope, they were to transfer to the Vertical Rope, reminiscent of the Tsuna Nobori in SASUKE. Competitors had to reach the top and press the button to stop the clock before the 100 second time limit was up. No one reached Final Viking in VIKING 1 (ended at 2nd Adventure Stage). Nagano Makoto was able to attempt the stage in VIKING 2 and completed the Horizontal Rope, but failed a few meters shy of the button on the Vertical Rope after suddenly gassing out. This version was not conquered prior to the Final Viking re-design in VIKING 3.

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found
Regular VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage
1 0 0 N/A
2 0 1 0%
Total 0 1 0%

Version 2 (Regular VIKING 3)

In VIKING 3, Final Viking was redesigned, replacing the 3rd Fantasy Stage from the previous tournament. This version featured four obstacles the competitors must complete before achieving kanzenseiha. There was no time limit. The obstacles featured the brand new Hawkeye, the Steady Voyager and Ultimate Plank from the 3rd Fantasy Stage, with the final obstacle being the Heartbreaker, brought from the 2nd Adventure Stage. Two people, Minamide Kimihiro and Maeda Sho attempted this version, with Minamide failing the Ultimate Plank almost right away and Maeda failing the Steady Voyager. The regular tournament was canceled before anyone could complete this version, making Regular VIKING the only obstacle course show by Monster9 end without a winner.

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found
Regular VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage
3 0 2 0%
Total 0 2 0%

Version 3 (Family VIKING 1-2)

Family VIKING featured their own version of Final Viking, adopting the format similar to VIKING 3's, except adding a time limit. It is actually the SEMI Finals of Family Viking 2. This version featured three obstacles: Victory Bridge (ビクトリーブリッジ), Swing Mast (スイングマスト), and Victory Swing (ビクトリーブランコ). Family 1's time limit was 55 seconds while Family 2 was reduced to 50 in addition to a minor change in the Victory Bridge.

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found
Family VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage

Version 4 (Family VIKING 2)

Family VIKING 2 featured a special Final Viking for teams to complete after completing the Semi Final, consisting of a obstacle known as Kadōshiki Untei (可動式うんてい). One member of a pair has to move along bars in the air by hanging on with their hands. There are a certain amount of fixed yellow bars, loose silver ones, and big gaps. As the hanger reaches a gap the other member of the pair has to pick up the loose bars that have been passed and lay them over the gap, so the hanger can move on. In case the one crossing the bars became tired, there were random placed resting platforms along the way to the finish. Once the member of the team crossing the bars reached the end, they had to swing out a short distance to the finish pad below, a la the early versions of the Pipe Slider in SASUKE.

Version 5 (Family VIKING 3)

This version brings back the familiar two-obstacle format for Final Viking, which consisted of the Hanging Maths (うんてい・計算), which is similar to Version 4 except there is no resting spots and one member of the team have to solve a mathematical addition sums similar to Parley in order to open the corresponding gate to let the other team member to pass and continue till reaching the ending platform. There are five gates which corresponds to five problems sums. The Victory Swing also returned as well.

Version 6 (Celebrity VIKING)


Final Viking, Celebrity VIKING.

This version of Final Viking consists of a 20 meter tall "Ladder Climb (梯子登り)". The ladder was not an actual ladder, but a tall bar grid which bounced when climbed. This was a time trial, meaning the winner is the one who can scale the tower in the fastest time. Sato Hiromichi won with a time of 17.83, almost 4 seconds faster than runner-up (Sumitaki Masaki).

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