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American Ninja Warrior 10's Fallout in Dallas

Fallout is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the ninth obstacle during Dallas finals on American Ninja Warrior 10.

Competitors must traverse two small odd-shaped ledges (in a similar fashion to the Window Hang). Then, they must make the transition to the first spinning circle, and then built enough swing and momentum to make the transition to the second spinning circle (in a similar fashion to the Flying Shelf Grab), and finally built enough swing and momentum to reach the landing platform.

Overall, 5 out of 7 competitors made it past the obstacle, which proved to be easy, as the obstacle only took out Abel Gonzalez and Thomas Stillings.

Other Season Appearance

American Ninja Warrior 11

American Ninja Warrior 11's Fallout in Atlanta

On American Ninja Warrior 11, the Fallout appeared as the ninth obstacle during Atlanta finals. This time, the obstacle was proven to be much easier than during Dallas finals on the previous season, as it only took out Caleb Auer.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW10 5 7 71.43%
ANW11 8 9 88.89%
Total 13 16 81.25%


  • Fallout was one of the obstacles that won the second edition of American Ninja Warrior: Obstacle Design Challenge, designed by Jake Clark. However, it was not officially announced during American Ninja Warrior 10.
  • Fallout was the second obstacle in American Ninja Warrior history to be served to promote an upcoming movie, which was Mission: Impossible – Fallout (after the Ninjago Roll during American Ninja Warrior 9's Denver finals, which was used to promote The Lego Ninjago Movie). Therefore, the movie's logo was placed at the start and end of the obstacle. The movie itself was released in the U.S. on July 27th, 2018.

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