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Swanson's video of him stunting off a building currently has over 1 million views. (Don't try this at home!)

Ethan Swanson, better known as The Swan or The Daredevil, is a data analyst and current stuntman from Golden, Colorado (formerly Chicago, Illinois). Since American Ninja Warrior 9, Swanson has also acquired the nickname "The Swan". Because of this, Swanson commonly has his own celebration move where he flaps his arms up and down.

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American Ninja Warrior 6[]

Ethan first competed in St. Louis in American Ninja Warrior 6. Swanson had been able to breeze through all six obstacles in qualifying with ease. However, as a shocker, it was shown he was disqualified on the Rolling Maruta for splashing the water, which his foot touched just barely.

American Ninja Warrior 7[]

Ethan returned again in American Ninja Warrior 7 and competed in Kansas City his run in qualifying was cut but he finished the course without disqualification this time, placing 21st overall. In the finals, his run was cut from the broadcast but it shown in the next season that he failed the Flying Shelf Grab. He placed 18th overall, and did not make it to the national finals.

American Ninja Warrior 8[]

Ethan returned to compete in American Ninja Warrior 8, now much stronger than ever. He competed in Indianapolis where his run in Qualifying was cut but he finished the course placing 11th in the top 30. In the city finals, Ethan put up a very impressive run, becoming the first competitor of the night to conquer the Hourglass Drop. He then cleared the new Circuit Board, the penultimate obstacle of the Indianapolis finals course. Swanson failed the Invisible Ladder, but he managed to place 5th overall, making it his first time he advanced to the national finals. In Vegas, On Stage 1, his run was digested, but it was shown that he finished the course with 2.10 seconds left. His run on stage 2 was also digested, but it was shown that he failed the Down Up Salmon Ladder.

American Ninja Warrior 9[]

Ethan once again competed in Kansas City in American Ninja Warrior 9, where he now is known as his new nickname, "The Swan". Swanson completed the qualifying course and placed 5th overall, and even did the "Swan" celebration with many competitors and even Akbar joining in his celebration. He was one of only 10 competitors to finish the Kansas City qualifying course.

Unfortunately, in the city finals, while he made short work of the first two obstacles, he shockingly failed the Broken Pipes, when he hopped past the spring and misstepped on the second pipe. He placed 27th overall, and didn't make it back to Vegas.

American Ninja Warrior 10[]


Ethan Swanson at the Indianapolis City Finals - American Ninja Warrior 2018

Ethan returned to compete in Indianapolis in American Ninja Warrior 10. His run was digested in qualifying but it was shown that he fell on the Spin Hopper, which placed him 11th overall. This actually marked Swanson's first time failing to reach the buzzer in qualifying (this even counts American Ninja Warrior 6, where although he was disqualified, he still finished the course).

During the Indianapolis finals, he got redemption on the Spin Hopper, and later had no problem with the back half of the course. After barely missing out two years ago in Indianapolis, Swanson battled the tenth obstacle, the Spider Trap, and punched his first city finals buzzer in his career. He placed 1st overall, beating Trevor West's time by almost 4 seconds.

On Stage 1, his run was digested. Swanson had a close call on the dismount of Jeep Run, but scrambled through the course with 21.21 seconds to spare. His Stage 2 run was also digested. He made short work of the first four obstacles, but was one of many to fail Wingnut Alley.

American Ninja Warrior 11[]

Ethan returned to compete in Cincinnati. He revealed that this season, he did more of his dangerous stunts to train his nerves much more this season.

During the qualifiers, his training payed off well, as he blazed through the course without hesitation and getting the fastest time of the night and becoming one of two to face the Power Tower. At the Power Tower, he and Jackson Twait were neck and neck with Jackson in the slight lead. Eventually, Ethan managed to speed his way for the win and automatically qualifying for Vegas.

During the city finals, he sprinted through the course and once again finished with the fastest time, once again moving on to the Power Tower, this time racing against his buddy Michael Torres. Swanson was initially in the lead, until eventually, Torres got the edge and won against Swanson.

On Stage 1, he powered through the course, finishing with the second fastest time. His Stage 2 run was digested, but he was shown to have a smooth run, completing the course and advancing to Stage 3 for the first time. In Stage Three, he cleared the first three obstacles with ease. On the Ultimate Cliffhanger, He was able to make the second ledge transition, but he seemed to get tired near the end on the last ledge and came up few feet short. Barely touching the dismount platform. This remains Ethan's best performance yet.

American Ninja Warrior 12[]

Ethan returned to compete on the modified season, bringing along Jack McCallie and Cameron Baumgartner. Ethan cruised through the qualifying course, earning the second fastest time and a spot on the Power Tower. He went against Jake Murray, with the two of them trying to save their teammates. They were even until they got to the ascent, where Ethan used only one pole and struggled, while Jake used both poles and made the climb with ease. Jake ultimately won the match.

However, Ethan did not compete in the semifinals. He revealed on Reddit and Instagram that he came in contact with a competitor that tested positive for COVID-19, and was sent home because he could not get tested fast enough to compete. He was still seen on the virtual sideline cheering on some of his friends.

American Ninja Warrior 13[]

Ethan returned to compete on American Ninja Warrior 13. In qualifiers, he shared that he has moved to Colorado and spent time training with Jake Murray. When he reached Split Decision, he was one of very few who chose Block Run over Log Runner. Ethan completed the course with ease, finishing with the third fastest time. In the semi-finals, his run was digested, but it was shown that he made it all the way to the Crazy Clocks, when he could not dismount onto the landing platform. Unfortunately, this was not good enough for him to make the top 15 by the end of the night, as he placed 18th. With that, he did not advance to the national finals for the first time since season 9.

American Ninja Warrior 14[]

Ethan returned for his ninth season in the third qualifying episode. This time around his run was digested, but he did a backward dismount on the Kickboards after he got slightly hung there and he later once again cleared the course, once again doing so with the 3rd fastest time. He later competed in the third semifinals episode. His run there was also digested, but he made it past the eighth obstacle this time around, clearing the Box Office. Then at Split Decision he went for the Diving Boards which he failed. He placed 8th overall and he advanced to the national finals for his fourth time. His run on Stage One was digested, but it was shown that he successfully took The High Road and finished the course with the fastest time and kept his perfect record on the stage. On Stage 2, however, similar to Season 10, he failed the fifth obstacle, going out on Hornet's Nest, ending his season. Ironically, this was the second time his season ended on a fifth obstacle of Stage Two, which was super-sized lache obstacle.


Swanson announced in March of 2023 that he is taking an indefinite break from the show, primarily to focus on Ninja Sport Challenge.


American Ninja Warrior Results[]

ANW # Result Notes
8 Failed Down Up Salmon Ladder (Stage Two) FF
10 Failed Wingnut Alley (Stage Two) FF
11 Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger (Stage Three) Won Speed Pass in Cincinnati Qualifiers.
14 Failed Hornet's Nest (Stage Two)

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