Eli "Baby" Bell is a gymnastics coach and college student from Winchester, Virginia.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Bell first competed in Miami in ANW 10, taking advantage of the new age eligibility at 19 years of age. He made it all the way to the Slippery Summit in the qualifying round, which he placed 15th overall.

Unfortunately, his city finals run was cut short as he failed Cannonball Drop, losing his grip halfway across the obstacle.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Bell returned to compete in Baltimore in ANW 11. He qualifying run was cut, but it was revealed that he once again failed the fifth obstacle, Crank It Up. He placed 18th overall, and moved on to the city finals again. However, he failed the same obstacle in the city finals, placing 30th and once again missing a chance to qualify for the national finals.

His girlfriend, Karter Ohlson, also competed, failing the same obstacle as him in the city finals but making the womens' top 2, qualifying for Vegas as the youngest female competitor.

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