Drew Drechsel's Crazy Cliffhanger Disqualification is a controversial ruling that occurred during SASUKE 31's Third Stage where Drew Drechsel was disqualified by the production crew for improper technique on the Crazy Cliffhanger.  Instead of the traditional method of transitioning to the 4th ledge by turning around in mid-air from the 3rd ledge, he instead turned around on the 3rd so that he would be facing the 4th ledge meaning he would only have to propel forward to catch it (similar in vein to Lee En-Chih completing the Spider Flip in SASUKE 24) as he was uncomfortable using the traditional method, due to failing the obstacle in the previous tournament doing so.

According to Drechsel and corroborated by other sources present at the taping, upon completing the obstacle, he was immediately stopped by production, stating he was disqualified.  After an argument on the matter (where he claimed he was never told of the rule), he was told to try the Crazy Cliffhanger again, similar to Levi Meeuwenberg's Dome Steps disqualification and re-run during SASUKE 25. On Drechsel's livestream, he claimed that he had asked the production crew if the technique was allowed, and they said yes. However they changed their minds after he did it and made him try it again.

On his 2nd attempt, Drew made it to the 3rd ledge again, but this time failed the obstacle, unable to complete the transition to the 4th ledge using the traditional method. This is the only attempt that was aired in the broadcast, with no mention of his first attempt.

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