Drew Drechsels Crazy Cliffhanger Disqualification is a controversial ruling that occurred during SASUKE 31's Third Stage.

Drew Drechsel was running the third stage, however, when he got to the Crazy Cliffhanger, he used a new technique of turning around on the 3rd ledge, as to face towards the 4th ledge, so instead of having to turn around in midair to complete the jump, he would simply jump forward and grab the ledge (as he had done multiple times in practice), similar to the way Lee En-Chih completed the Spider Flip in SASUKE 24. However, upon completing the jump, he was stopped by the production crew and informed what he had just done was illegal. Drechsel argued, saying that he wasn't informed of this rule. He went back and was forced to rerun the obstacle using the traditional method, which he had previously stated he was uncomfortable doing. Unable to get a good grip on the final ledge, he failed the obstacle.

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