The Double Pendulum (ダブルペンダラム) is a new obstacle introduced in SASUKE 32, appearing after the Orugōru, replacing the Jump Hang Kai in SASUKE 31.  

Competitors must jump from the trampoline to a trapeze (in a similar design to the Giant Swing). Using the trapeze to swing, competitors' forward momentum will enable them to jump to a ledge on the red sandbag. On reaching the sandbag, competitors will have to work their way around the sandbag, and generate enough swing to dismount to the platform on the other side.  

This obstacle took out several competitors, including 3 Shin-Sedai members: Matachi Ryo, Hioki Masashi, and Urushihara Yuuji, as well as one member of SASUKE All-Star (Yamamoto Shingo). It also took out Nakayama Kinnikun, Suzuki Yusuke, and Kawaguchi Tomohiro in SASUKE 33.  

In SASUKE 34, the bar in the trapeze was raised by few centimeters, causing competitors to maximize their jump to reach the trapeze bar. The minor change caused Matachi Ryo, as he miscalculated the jump to the trapeze bar, causing him to fall there.  

Despite a fairly high knock-out rate at first, more competitors began to clear the obstacle as time went on and it was replaced by the Dragon Glider in SASUKE 35.  

The design of the Double Pendulum is incredibly similar to the Tick Tock, which was used as the second obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 8 in Los Angeles and American Ninja Warrior 9 in San Antonio, except there is no cargo net (as same as during Los Angeles finals), the addition of a trampoline at the start, and a different type of the trapeze.

Double Pendulum Tick Tock

Comparison between Double Pendulum (SASUKE 33, above) and Tic Toc (American Ninja Warrior 9, below)


Frontal view of the Double Pendulum

KUNOICHI Appearance

KUNOICHI10 Double Pendulum

KUNOICHI 10's Double Pendulum

The Double Pendulum appeared as the fifth obstacle in the RED Stage (First Stage) of KUNOICHI 10, with a thinner sandbag than in SASUKE. However, this obstacle was proven to be much brutal, as several female competitors failed, in which most of them misjudged the jump from the trampoline, including KUNOICHI 2 and 3 finalist, Mizuno Yuko

In KUNOICHI 11, the obstacle was replaced by the Dragon Glider, which also replaced the Double Pendulum in SASUKE.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found


SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
32 22 30 73.33%
33 21 31 67.74%
34 25 30 83.33%
Total 68 91 74.72%


KUNOICHI Clears Attempts Percentage
10 6 24 25%
Total 6 24 25%
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