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American Ninja Warrior 13's Domino Effect

The Domino Effect is an obstacle, firstly introduced as part of the Split Decision in the first episode of qualifiers on American Ninja Warrior 13.

The concept of this obstacle is similar to the Domino Hill, where competitors must run over five dominoes that vary in height to reach the landing platform. The first two dominoes were level in height, while the next three dominoes were taller, with the fourth domino being smaller than the third and last domino by a few inches. However, the shape of the dominoes are much more smaller in shape, closely similar to a shape of a domino. In addition, they were spread enough apart that they wouldn't hit each other and cause a chain reaction. In addition, the dominoes would spin and possibly topple over, making it also similar to the Domino Pipes.

During the first episode of qualifiers, this obstacle was paired with the Spinning Log as part of the Split Decision. In the obstacle's debut, it took out seven competitors including Jeri D'Aurelio and Maggi Thorne. Between this obstacle and the Spinning Log in Split Decision, this obstacle took out just one less competitor than the Spinning Log (which took out eight competitors). In the third episode, however, more competitors failed this obstacle than the Spinning Log (which was once again paired with the obstacle in Split Decision). A total of 8 competitors failed it (including Michelle Warnky, Grace Sims, and Andrew Naquin), double to that of the Spinning Log which took out 4 competitors.