American Ninja Warrior - Crashing the Course- Indianapolis (Digital Exclusive)

American Ninja Warrior - Crashing the Course- Indianapolis (Digital Exclusive)

The Disc Runner was revealed during American Ninja Warrior 8's "Crashing the Course" series, as an obstacle featured in Indianapolis course

The Disc Runner is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fourth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 8 in Indianapolis.

Competitors have to jump to an off-axis disc. There is a pole in the middle of this disc that competitors could use to steady themselves. Then, they must make a 5-feet jump to the second disc that's off-axis in the other direction, also with three large blocks, and run to the other side. Competitors were not allowed to touch the discs with their hands.

During Indianapolis finals, the pole inside the first disc was shortened until half the height and blocks were added to the first disc.


  • This obstacle became similar in vein to the Roulette Row, with the usage of two discs that are tilted in opposite directions.
  • This obstacle is based on a Swedish playground toy called Kompan Supernova.
  • The original concept of this obstacle is that there is only one disc but in the final design there is now two discs.
  • Because the Fly Wheels was placed as the third obstacle, the Disc Runner was deviated as the fourth obstacle. This deviation will eventually continue on American Ninja Warrior 9 in 3 city qualifying courses:
  • Eliminations of this obstacle were mainly either the foot touched the water, the hands touched the wheel, or competitors fell off the side of the course.
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