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American Ninja Warrior 10's Diamond Dash in Minneapolis

Diamond Dash is an obstacle first introduced as the fourth obstacle in American Ninja Warrior 10 in Minneapolis.

Competitors must run across four free-floating diamond-shaped disks while maintaining their balance, in order to reach the landing platform. The second and fourth disks were placed lower than the other two disks, causing trouble for some competitors when they were leaping to the third or fourth disk. Not landing on the center of the disk would cause it to flip forward or backward. This obstacle were incredibly similar to Coin Flip, except the disks for the Diamond Dash were thinner.

However, due to the immense amount of casualties caused by the Ring Jump, only 31 competitors attempted this obstacle. During Minneapolis qualifiers, seven competitors fell on this obstacle, including Jon Alexis Jr., Ben Antoine, and Andrew Yori. With only 24 competitors completing it, Diamond Dash became the cut-off for the Top 30 competitors to advance to Minneapolis finals.

During Minneapolis finals, only Ben Antoine and James Gomez fell on the obstacle. Both of which failed it in qualifying.

Other Season Appearances

American Ninja Warrior 11

American Ninja Warrior 11's Diamond Dash in Los Angeles

In American Ninja Warrior 11, Diamond Dash appeared as the fourth obstacle in Los Angeles.

Likely due to the immense amount of casualties on the first two obstacles, Shrinking Steps and Walk the Plank, there were fewer attempts on the obstacle during Los Angeles qualifiers, with 26 competitors attempting it as opposed to 31 competitors during Minneapolis qualifiers in the previous season. Because of this, anyone who attempted the obstacle automatically was part of the Top 30. Only three competitors (Rebekah Bonilla, Verdale Benson, and Kevin Fisch) failed.

During Los Angeles finals, no competitor fell on this obstacle.

American Ninja Warrior 12

American Ninja Warrior 12's Diamond Dash

In American Ninja Warrior 12, Diamond Dash appeared as the fourth obstacle during the finals. It eliminated Michael Torres and Dan Polizzi. Several other competitors stumbled on the obstacle but got through.

American Ninja Warrior 13

American Ninja Warrior 13's Diamond Dash

In American Ninja Warrior 13, Diamond Dash appeared as the fourth obstacle during the third and fourth episode of Semifinals, with no changes were made at all. A total of 6 competitors failed this obstacle during the third semifinals episode, including Mike Wright, Glenn Davis, and Alyssa Varsalona. During the fourth semifinals episode, only 2 competitors (Sem Garay, and Marcelino Riley) failed on it.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the NBC broadcast and external information found
ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW10 (qualifiers) 24 31 77.42%
ANW10 (finals) 26 28 92.86%
ANW11 (qualifiers) 23 26 88.46%
ANW11 (finals) 28 28 100%
ANW12 17 19 89.47%
ANW13 (SF EP 3) 25 31 80.65%
ANW13 (SF EP 4) 34 36 94.44%
Total 177 199 88.94%


  • Diamond Dash was the second cut-off obstacle during city qualifiers in American Ninja Warrior 10 to be the fourth obstacle, after the Tuning Forks during Dallas qualifiers.
  • In both of its appearances during city qualifiers round in American Ninja Warrior, Diamond Dash became the lowest cut-off point in American Ninja Warrior history, as during Minneapolis qualifiers in American Ninja Warrior 10, only one competitor, Kojo Hilaire, failed to make into the Top 30 after falling on this obstacle. However, this record would later be broken during American Ninja Warrior 11's Los Angeles qualifiers, in which just 26 competitors attempted the obstacle and the third obstacle, Spring Forward, became the cut-off point for the first time ever during city qualifiers round on American Ninja Warrior.
  • Diamond Dash has the lowest amount of attempts out of any fourth obstacle during city qualifiers round. Between both of its city qualifiers appearances in American Ninja Warrior 10 and American Ninja Warrior 11, only 57 competitors total have attempted the obstacle.