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Derek Nakamoto is an Asian-American Musician who competed in American Ninja Warrior 4(his first time on American Ninja Warrior) and he beat the qualifier and placed 8th, then he cleared the Southwest Regional Finals fast enough to make the top 15 despite struggling on the Warped Wall. In Las Vegas Nakamoto cleared Stage 1 with the fastest time and in Stage 2 he kept up his pace, but he fell on the Metal Spin when he gripped the bungee chain with his hands above his head. In American Ninja Warrior 5 he failed a Boot Camp obstacle,the Floating Chains,the obstacle after the Quintuple Steps,the Frame Slider,and Domino Hill.Evan Roehl,the man who runs Stickman American Ninja Warrior,chose Derek Nakamoto as a contestant to compete on the 2nd season of his show,and made it to Mt.Midoriyama,but failed the redesigned Jumping Bars in Stage 1.