Degawa Tetsurō (出川 哲朗) is a reaction comedian who has competed in three SASUKE tournaments. In his first attempt, he barely made it to the end platform after the Rokudantobi. Holding on for life, he was able to claw his way up to safety. After, he cleared this obstacle, he celebrated by taking off his shirt. He made it to the Log Grip but could not last one drop and fell there. Since then, he has made it a tradition to yell and take off his shirt at the start line. He competed in SASUKE 23 and SASUKE 24 failing the Jyunidantobi both times.


SASUKE # Result Notes
19 53 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)
23 22 Failed Jyunidantobi (First Stage)
24 49 Failed Jyunidantobi (First Stage)
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