Davyon Hancox is an EMT from Gardena, California.

American Ninja Warrior 10

Davyon first competed in LA in American Ninja Warrior 10. In qualifying, his run was cut, but it was revealed that he failed the Doorknob Drop. Hancox advanced to the city finals by placing 16th overall.

In the city finals, Hancox was able to complete the Doorknob Drop, albeit taking a hard impact on the dismount. He was later able to complete the Giant Cubes by doing the splits (a move first used by Jessie Graff in American Ninja Warrior 9's Daytona finals) between the first and second cube. However, he was out of stamina by the time he got to the ninth obstacle, the Baton Pass, and ended up dropping two of the removable batons needed to transfer into the open slots. Because of this, Hancox had no chance of being able to clear the obstacle, and ended up falling into the water. He was able to place 14th overall by the end of the city finals.

He was the second overall runner in Vegas. There, he was the first to conquer the Jumping Spider and the first to tackle Jeep Run. However, Davyon failed to gain enough momentum on the second steering wheel to get to the final spinning tire.

American Ninja Warrior 11

Davyon returned to compete in LA in American Ninja Warrior 11. In qualifying, his run was digested, but it was shown that he took a hard impact on the dismount of the Spin Hopper, but he still cleared the course, hitting his first buzzer, placing 5th after going to the standard Warped Wall.

In the city finals, he had a chance to secure a spot in the top 12. However, he fell on The Hinge, and didn’t advance, placing 17th overall.

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