David Alvarez is a personal trainer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He was one of the rookie competitors to be promoted for American Ninja Warrior 11. He was motivated to run the course in search of his biological sister, Wallyssa. He was separated from her at age 13 from foster care, in hopes that one day a viewer watching his run reunites him with her. Wallyssa was only two years of age when they were separated. David carried the pacifier that she had before he was separated, which served as the only remaining item he had about her.

American Ninja Warrior 11

On the Los Angeles qualifying course, David put in a phenomenal run. He had a few close calls on some of the obstacles, but became the first to finish the Spin Hopper. He went straight for the normal Warped Wall and completed the course with the 7th fastest time. He was the first finisher of the season, and had arguably the most dedicated run of the night, running for his sister.

As an update from the qualifying course, no one has reported that his sister has been found. He ran the city finals course in hopes that the miracle will happen eventually. He fell on the Spin Hopper, an obstacle he completed in qualifying. Even though he placed 27th and was eliminated, he is determined to continue searching for his sister.

At the end of his season, he has prompted many viewers to take part in his search for Wallyssa.

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