Dan Galiczynski is a gymnast and gym owner. Dan has competed in ANW for a total of seven seasons.

In ANW2 and ANW3, he couldn't make it up the Warped Wall.

In ANW4, he made to Vegas, but went out on the Jumping Spider. In ANW5, He had the 5th fastest time in Baltimore Qualifying. He competed in the Baltimore finals, where he had the fastest time of the night. In stage 1, he once again fell on the Jumping Spider.

He came back for a shot in St. Louis Qualifying in ANW 6 and stumbled on the Warped Wall on his 1st attempt but was able to get up on his 2nd attempt. In St. Louis Finals, Dan's run was completely cut but he had the 5th fastest time. In Vegas, for the first time he completed the Jumping Spider and completed Stage 1. In Stage 2, he got past Rope Jungle and the Double Salmon Ladder but he failed on the Unstable Bridge.

Dan competed in ANW 7 in Pittsburgh, where he shocked everyone when he failed at the Snake Crossing, failing to stick the landing.

In ANW 9 Dan competed in Cleveland and although his run was cut it was shown he finished the qualifying course. He later earned his ticket by making it to the Nail Clipper in 3:57.56, placing 7th in the city finals. However, according to a post on Instagram, Galiczynski had confirmed that he will not by competing in Vegas because he suffered an injury while in Vegas. The replacement for him running, however, is to be confirmed.

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