Conor Galvin is a student from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

His grandfather, Ducky Walsh, served in World War II.

American Ninja Warrior 11

He competed in Baltimore in his rookie season. He made an outstanding performance on just his first season in qualifying, finishing the course with the 2nd fastest time. From there, he got to participate in the Power Tower, facing off against Dave Cavanagh. He was almost equal with Cavanagh's run for the most part, until he hesitated at the balance beam, leaving the door open for Cavanagh. In the end, he couldn't keep up with Cavanagh's pace. In the city finals, he failed Angry Birds but still managed to qualify for Vegas. However, on Stage 1, he failed Tire Run, ending his rookie season.


  • Conor Galvin is the first rookie to attempt the Power Tower.
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