Colin Bell (コリン・ベル) was the winner of the first American preliminary competition, the American Ninja Challenge. Since he won, he got a chance to compete in SASUKE 19. While he almost failed the Log Grip, he showed great speed up until the Jumping Spider. Bell was given advice by All-Star Nagano Makoto to approach the Jumping Spider with speed. However, he was tempted to focus more on the jump rather than the run up towards the trampoline. Bell was not able to stick all four of his limbs on the two walls and his left foot slipped causing him to wipe out on the most difficult rendition of the Jumping Spider. This was his only SASUKE appearance.

"I did not take Nagano's advice of concentrating more on the run and I concentrated more on the jump, which was obviously a bad mistake."

Colin Bell entered a video submission to G4 during 2008's American Ninja Challenge 3 and made it to the finals, but ultimately did not earn a spot in SASUKE 21 through the voting process.


SASUKE # Result Notes
19 87 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)