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Climbing Bars, romanized as Climbing Bar (クライミングバー), called Bridge of Destiny in English broadcasts, was an obstacle introduced during Third Stage's redesign in SASUKE 14. Directly following Jumping Bars, competitors must climb a set of inclined monkey bars three metres in length that was placed at an unknown angle to either the green resting bar before Pipe Slider (SASUKE 14)/Devil Balanço (SASUKE 15 to SASUKE 17) or Spider Flip (SASUKE 18). To ensure the ladder didn't swing wildly, there are scaffolding attached to the ladder.

During its debut in SASUKE 14, it was considered to be part of Jumping Bars, with Hatsuta Keisuke omitting the obstacle's name, not unlike how Brick Climb would have been considered part of the path to Spider Walk. It was however unofficially referred as Nobori Untei during the tournament.

Kobayashi Shinji attempting Climbing Bars
in SASUKE 14

A tester demonstrating Climbing Bars in SASUKE 15

The official name of the obstacle was shown on-screen with a tester attempting the obstacle in SASUKE 15. From that tournament onwards until its final appearance in SASUKE 18, it was regarded as a separate obstacle, similar to what happened to Devil Balanço.

Takeda Toshihiro attempting Climbing Bars
in SASUKE 15

Competitors were allowed to use their feet, as Takeda Toshihiro did in SASUKE 15. However, with Jumping Bars being shortened in SASUKE 16, competitors were not as physically drained and thus were able to clear this obstacle more easily.

Modified Climbing Bars in SASUKE 18

In SASUKE 18, it was placed at a steeper angle to accomodate Spider Flip that was introduced in that tournament, however, this version was not attempted and was replaced by Sending Climber in the next tournament.

In the five tournaments it was used, it took out only one competitor, Shiratori Bunpei in SASUKE 15, who was too exhausted during the run courtesy of him passing out due to heat exhaustion earlier in First Stage. However, this does make this obstacle one of three that only All-Stars failed, with the others being the Downhill Jump and Hang Climbing.

Later, Swing Ladder, an obstacle introduced in SASUKE 20, will feature similar resemblance of this obstacle, as competitors had to clear it by traversing a ladder placed up in the air, albeit this one was placed horizontally as opposed to diagonally in Climbing Bars.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
14 1 1 100%
15 1 2 50%
16 3 3 100%
17 3 3 100%
18 0 0 N/A
Total 8 9 88.89%