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Chris DiGangi is a federal consultant from Naperville, Illinois. He is currently engaged to fellow ninja competitor Jesse Labreck.

American Ninja Warrior 4

Chris first competed in American Ninja Warrior 4 in the Northeast region. His run was digested in qualifying but he finished the course and advanced to the city finals, which he also cleared. In the national finals, he failed the Jumping Spider on Stage One.

American Ninja Warrior 5

DiGangi returned to compete in Baltimore in American Ninja Warrior 5 where he completed the qualifying course in 21st place. Due to night one of filming getting rained out, he ended up running in daylight, thus being entirely cut from the broadcast. In the city finals, he fell on the Salmon Ladder which didn't advance him to the national finals.

American Ninja Warrior 6

Chris returned to compete in Miami in American Ninja Warrior 6. His run was not shown in qualifying, but he shockingly failed the Downhill Pipe Drop and did not move on to the city finals.

American Ninja Warrior 8

DiGangi returned to compete in Philadelphia in American Ninja warrior 8 where he was one of the many athletes that failed Rolling Thunder in qualifying. He placed 11th at the end of the qualifying round and moved on to the city finals.

His run was cut during the city finals, but like qualifying, he failed the Rolling Thunder again.

American Ninja Warrior 9

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Chris returned to compete in Cleveland in American Ninja Warrior 9, where it was revealed that he was now dating fellow competitor Jesse Labreck. Chris' run was digested in qualifying but he finished the course placing 10th.

In the city finals, he failed the Nail Clipper but placed 10th again and advanced to the national finals after a four year absence.

On Stage One, he got his revenge on the Jumping Spider, which took him out last time he participated in Vegas, but got hung up on the Domino Pipes and ultimately failed the last obstacle, the Flying Squirrel.

American Ninja Warrior 10

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DiGangi returned to compete in Indianapolis in American Ninja Warrior 10.

In qualifying, he had a stumble on Block Run, but was able to make it to the Warped Wall where he failed to scale the 18-foot Mega Wall, but he did scale the regular 14'6' wall and complete the course with the 3rd fastest time behind Michael Bougher and Dan Polizzi.

In the city finals, his run was digested but it was shown that he failed Cane Lane and placed 8th overall, making his third appearance in the national finals.

His run on Stage One was digested but it was shown that he failed the Double Dipper. This ultimately ended his and Jesse Labreck's streak of having the same results on the course, as Jesse made it to the eighth obstacle, Twist & Fly. The streak ended at 5 times by the time he failed the Double Dipper.

American Ninja Warrior 11


Chris DiGangi at the Vegas Finals- Stage 1 - American Ninja Warrior 2019

DiGangi competed in Cincinnati in American Ninja Warrior 11. In qualifying, his run was digested, and it was shown that he failed the Slingshot. However, his time was fast enough to qualify for the city finals, placing 15th. In the city finals, his run was digested but it was shown that he managed to clear the city finals course for the first time since his debut in season 4. He placed 5th overall, making his fourth appearance in the national finals. In Las Vegas, he cleared Stage 1 for the first time ever with 8.10 seconds left. Following this, he was able to complete Stage 2 on his first try ever, with 28.36 seconds left. In stage 3, his run was digested, but he was shown to have failed the swinging transition on the Ultimate Cliffhanger and failed.

American Ninja Warrior 12

DiGangi and Labreck were supposed to marry this year but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. Chris returned in Season 12 and competed in the second qualifier. He managed to clear the qualifier with 1:56.40 and placed 9th in the leaderboard and moved onto the Semi Finals where both he and Jesse fell at The Dungeon, but they both advanced to the finals. Chris was expected to go far in the finals, but he shockingly fell on the Falling Shelves.

American Ninja Warrior 13

In the fifth episode of qualifying, DiGangi’s run was digested. When he reached Split Decision he opted to go for Block Run where he got off balance and fell. This is the first time since Season 6 he failed to advance past the qualifying round.


ANW # Result Notes
4 Failed Jumping Spider (Stage One) Lost his footing.
9 Failed Flying Squirrel (Stage One)
10 Failed Double Dipper (Stage One) Digest
11 Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger (Stage Three) Digest