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The Chou Touhan (超登坂), called as the Hill Climb on Women of Ninja Warrior, was a Second Stage obstacle of KUNOICHI 3 and KUNOICHI 5.

The obstacle was essentially the same as the Sosoritatsu Kabe, which Ninja Warrior also called the Hill Climb, and was used during the first four SASUKE tournaments, where the obstacle consisted of a hill on a 60° incline (50° incline in SASUKE 1), 4.05 meters in length. However, in comparison, the Chou Touhan was a hill at a 45° incline and 4 metres in length (increased to 5 metres in its next appearance), and was slightly wider.

Competitors had to simply reach the top of the hill, marking this obstacle as a time waster. It eliminated no competitors, and thus it was replaced with the Sanrentobi in KUNOICHI 4, but returned in KUNOICHI 5, only to be removed for good in KUNOICHI 6.

KUNOICHI 4 Version

In KUNOICHI 4, the Chou Touhan was moved to the First Stage as the seventh obstacle. However, a different version was used. It consisted of double-sloped hill, in which the second half of the hill was steeper, and had two ropes attached to it to help competitors reach the top. This obstacle was proven to be a time waster, as no one timed out there. Since the Chou Touhan was already being used in the First Stage, in order to avoid confusion between both versions, the Sanrentobi took its place.

During the broadcast of Women of Ninja Warrior, the obstacle was named as the Vertical Limit (not to be confused with the Vertical Limit, an obstacle that appeared in the Third Stage from SASUKE 28 onward).

Watanabe Kazue attempted the Chou Touhan, KUNOICHI 4

Competitors' Success Rate

KUNOICHI Clears Attempts Percentage
3 14 14 100%
5 6 6 100%
Total 20 20 100%