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Chain Reaction (チェーンリアクション) is an obstacle introduced during Second Stage's redesign in SASUKE 7. It appeared until SASUKE 17 before being replaced by Downhill Jump in SASUKE 18.

It consisted of two perpendicular zip-lines. Each zip-line had a chain hanging from it by a single point. Competitors must grasp the chain on the first zip-line, ride down a 9.5 metre-long track and switch to the next chain in midair. Once on the second chain, the competitors must kick off a wall (though this was not mandatory as some competitors could simply use brute force to move the chain down the track) to travel along the second track that was 7.5 metre-long to a landing platform at the end. Starting from SASUKE 13, producers decided to install a new stained glass theme for the obstacle's kick-off wall.

Competitors were advised to wear gloves for safety reasons when holding the chains (though Yamada Katsumi in SASUKE 9 and Ishikawa Terukazu in SASUKE 14 chose to attempt it without using gloves), which they must discard prior to reaching Spider Walk. This particular rule came into play when Yamada Katsumi forgot to take off his gloves before attempting Spider Walk in SASUKE 12. Although he could clear Second Stage with 3.55 seconds to spare, he was then disqualified (see Yamada Katsumi's Glove Disqualification for details).

Designed primarily as a time waster, it was surprisingly deadly in the first tournament it was used, as it eliminate Akimoto Kōzo and Yoshinaga Katsumi. It will also famously eliminate Asaoka Hiroyuki in SASUKE 11. In all the cases mentioned, three of them mis-timed their transition to the second chain while at the same time losing their grip on the first chain.

Shane Kosugi attempting Chain Reaction in SASUKE 7

Modified background of Chain Reaction as seen during Honma Kōta's run in SASUKE 17

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
7 6 8 75%
8 5 6 83.33%
9 7 7 100%
10 5 5 100%
11 10 11 90.91%
12 11 11 100%
13 10 10 100%
14 13 14 92.86%
15 7 7 100%
16 16 16 100%
17 11 11 100%
Total 101 106 95.28%