Chad Hohn, also known as The Ninja Builder, is a residential builder from Trinity, North Carolina.   

American Ninja Warrior 5

He first competed in American Ninja Warrior 5 where he walked-on in Miami and failed on the first obstacle, the Quintuple Steps

American Ninja Warrior 6

He returned for American Ninja Warrior 6 in Miami. His run was cut, but he was disqualified for touching the stone on the Dancing Stones, which is not allowed. 

American Ninja Warrior 7

He came back for American Ninja Warrior 7 in Orlando where he completed qualifying for the first time. He had a notable run as he received a cut on his head from the Rolling Log. Despite the pain, he cleared the course as the first finisher.

In the city finals, he shockingly failed on the Tire Swing, an obstacle he cleared in qualifying, not making it to Vegas.

American Ninja Warrior 8

In American Ninja Warrior 8 he cleared the Atlanta qualifying course, but failed the Salmon Ladder in the city finals, once again not going to Vegas.

American Ninja Warrior 11

After missing both American Ninja Warrior 9 and American Ninja Warrior 10, he returned to compete in Atlanta in American Ninja Warrior 11. His run in qualifying was digested, but it was shown that he ironically had a very similar qualifying run to the time he ran in Orlando four years ago. He hit his head on the smaller pipe of the Bouncing Spider and got a cut on his head, but managed to continue and finish the course, going straight for the standard 14.5' Warped Wall. He finished 16th overall.

In the city finals, he had another battle with the Bouncing Spider, struggling the dismount. While he was able to get past the obstacle without being injured, he was so exhausted that he failed the Ferris Wheel moments after. He once again let a shot at Vegas slip away, as he placed 24th at the end of the night.

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