Chōshū Koriki (長州 小力), real name Kubota Kazuteru (久保田 和輝) is a Japanese comedian who has competed on SASUKE five times, usually going out on the first obstacle. Koriki is most famous for impersonating professional wrestler Chōshū Riki. Koriki belongs to a comedian pro-wrestling organization, Nishiguchi Pro Wrestling (西口プロレス).

Koriki usually competes in short bicycle shorts and a very short T-shirt showing off his protruding belly. G4 nicknames him as the most famous gut in Japan.

Koriki has never had much success on the course, failing the first obstacle in four out of five attempts. The one time he did complete the first obstacle was in SASUKE 18. There, he wore #9 and became the first person to clear the Rope Glider and became the first one to attempt the new Log Grip. There however, he did not last long and lost his grip on the first drop.


SASUKE # Result Notes
15 11 Failed Hurdle Jump (First Stage)
18 9 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) First person to beat the Rope Glider.
19 9 Failed Rokudantobi (First Stage)
20 Failed Rokudantobi (First Stage)
24 44 Failed Jyunidantobi (First Stage) Digest.
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