Wildcards is a way to compete in the American Ninja Warrior National Finals without earning your spot in the Top 15. They were normally given to competitors who had success in previous years (e.g. Elet Hall, Brent Steffensen, etc), top female competitors (e.g. Kacy Catanzaro, Michelle Warnky, etc), or competitors that just missed out on advancing such as 16th or 17th places (e.g. Evan Dollard, Mario Mendoza, etc). In ANW 7 and ANW 8 the only wildcards were given to women, with some exceptions (i.e. Jesse Cargill in ANW 8 who ran for an unknown reason and unknown if he received a wildcard or took the place of someone who did not compete from a different region). As of ANW 9, all Wild Cards have been removed, with the Top 5 and Top 2 women rule.

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