Starting from American Ninja Warrior 11, the competitors with the top 2 fastest times during city qualifiers and city finals rounds in each city will face a head-on race on the Power Tower. The winner of the race receives the following rewards:

  • During city qualifiers round, the victor receives a Speed Pass, which automatically grants the competitor a spot in Las Vegas national finals. The competitor therefore can choose to skip the city finals round if he/she decides to.
  • During city finals round, the victor receives a Safety Pass, which grants the competitor one extra chance at redoing a course should he/she fall on either Stage One or Stage Two during Las Vegas national finals. Note that if a competitor reaches Stage Three without using the Safety Pass, it will be voided.

It is worth noting that a competitor who earns the Speed Pass can participate in the city finals round and have a chance of also receiving the Safety Pass (in other words, having both a Speed Pass and a Safety Pass is allowed); the competitor in question is just guaranteed in Las Vegas national finals, regardless on their decision to run the city finals course or where the fall whilst running the course.

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