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The Ninja Killer is a feature of the Ninja Warrior series. It is a replay camera of past competitors.

Usually near the middle or end of an episode, the Ninja Killer replays the past victims who have fallen subject to the muddy waters... it then focuses on one particular obstacle, usually the one with the most kills, and replays the failures of the obstacle. A lot of them are humorous defeats, and the obstacle that claims them is usually credited.

All obstacles that have eliminated more competitors than any other in a certain stage, certain competition, or episode.

English Name Tournament Episode Number Commentator's Lines
Rapid Descent 1 (1) 1 Hour Special "The Rapid Descent! Competitors quickly learn that with one wrong step, the Rapid Descent becomes the worlds least fun waterslide."
Barrel Climb 2 1 "They say every journey begins with a single step, that journey is a lot shorter when it's on the Barrel Climb. It's one small step for man, and one giant leap into the mud."
Spider Walk 3 2 "Stage Two is full of tricky obstacles, but the Spider Walk demands your strength and your attention. Let either one slide, and you end up dead and below."
Rope Climb 3 3 "Five impressive finalists blazed into the Final Stage, but so far one obstacle has cut them all down to size, The Rope Climb. This simple rope turns the final road to victory into fifty feet of hell."
Rolling Log 4 1 "All the obstacles are brutal, but the Rolling Log was a spinning nightmare for everyone. It tossed off more than its share of competitors, and let the rest hanging."
Spider Walk 4 2 "Stage Two has several tricky obstacles, but the Spider Walk demands both your strength and total concentration. Once a competitor slips into its web, their hopes of total victory are gone in an instant."
Jump Hang 5 1 "Many obstacles took out the competitors, but only one set them on a trampoline powered splashdown, the Jump Hang. Remember, what goes up, must come down."
Rolling Log/ Jump Hang 5 2 "Normally one obstacle stands out as being nastier than all others, but today the Rolling Log and the Jump Hang tied for being the most brutal. Combined they decimated the most challengers."
Jump Hang 6 1 "The Jump Hang is never easy and today was no exception. Time after time it was one small leap for the challengers, followed by one giant plunge into the water."
Jump Hang 6 2 "One obstacle left some of the strongest challengers looking ridiculous, the Jump Hang. This ninja killer thinned out half the field, and left them sopping wet."
Body Prop 6 3 "The third stage is always brutal, but one obstacle caused more heartbreak than any other, the Body Prop. It takes every muscle just to stay on the course, and with the slightest slip, gravity will happily take over.
Jump Hang 7 1 "All of the obstacles are designed to trip up the challengers, but today the Jump Hang was working overtime. Looks like some competitors just can't hang with the big boys."
Rolling Log 7 2 "Every tournament has a few new rinkles, but today the toughest obstacle was a classic, the Rolling Log. This old favorite has been knocking down ninjas since the early days."
Chain Reaction 7 3 "Stage Two is full of hazards, but it was the treacherous Chain Reaction that knocked out the most challengers. This chain of despair is guaranteed to eliminate the weakest link."
Quintuple Step 8 1 "The Quintuple Step is the first obstacle out of the gate, and its taken out almost every single competitor. If you don't have the right moves, then you better wear your sealegs.
Rolling Log 8 2 "None of the Ninja Warrior obstacles are easy, and the Rolling Log was the end of the line for many competitors. This merciless piece of lumber chopped one after another down to size."
Quintuple Step 9 1 "None of the obstacles are a walk in the park, but today the Quintuple Step tripped up the most competitors. They came, they saw, they hit the water like a sack of bricks."
Quintuple Step 9 2 "Every obstacle on the course is hard, but today one challenge knocked out more competitors than any other, the Quintuple Step. One small step for man, one giant leap into the muddy waters."
Jump Hang 10 1 "None of the obstacles are a piece of cake, but today the Jump Hang dished out extra helpings of mud. You know the old saying, look before you leap."
Rolling Log 10 2 "There are no easy obstacles on the course, but the challenge that rolled over the most competitors was the Rolling Log. Sure gives tree hugger a new meaning."
Rolling Log 11 1 "One obstacle took out more competitors than all others combined, the dreaded Rolling Log. They fought the log, but the log won."
Rolling Log 11 2 "The first stage is never a walk in the park, but today one obstacle in particular took our competitors for a ride, the Rolling Log. Dunking wannabe ninjas has never looked this easy."
Warped Wall 11 3 "The competitors put on a strong showing this time, but one obstacle manage to slow them down, the Warped Wall. It may have only claimed one victim, but that's enough to make it today's ninja killer.
Jump Hang 12 2 "All the Ninja Warrior obstacles are tough, but today the Jump Hang dolled out extra punishment. Lots of jumping, not a lot of hanging."
Cliff Hanger 12 3 "All the Stage Three obstacles are brutal, but one challenge crush the dreams of more competitors than any other, the Cliff Hanger. It hurts your fingers watching it."
Rolling Log 13 1 "There are no free rides in Stage One, and today the Rolling Log easily sunked most of the challengers. Timber!"
Prism Tilt 13 2 "Every obstacle on the course is hard, but today the Prism Tilt was the tipping point for many. Not even holding on tight can save you."
Wall Lift 13 4 "The competitors fought hard, but one obstacle blocked their path, the Wall Lift. Remember ninjas, lift with the knees."
Rolling Log 14 1 "The competitors struggled with the new obstacles, but today it was the old standard the Rolling Log that did the most damage. The tree trunks killer reputation keeps on growing."
Warped Wall 14 2 "There are no easy obstacles on the Ninja Warrior course, and today even the toughest competitors hit the wall, the Warped Wall that is. If you can't take the height, get out of the kitchen."
Hurdle Jump 15 1 "The challengers tripped up all over the course, but the toughest obstacle was clear, the Hurdle Jump. Whether the challengers were too scared or too clumsy, the result was the same, a mud bath."
Warped Wall 15 2 "There aren't any easy obstacles on the Ninja Warrior course, and one challenge thwarted even the toughest competitors, the Warped Wall. Even if you have an olympic medal, this is one wall that's not impressed.
Sextuple Step 16 1 "Mount Midoriyama has many tricks up its sleeves, but one obstacle took out more challengers than any other, the Sextuple Step. So long ninja wannabe's, and thanks for playing."
Metal Spin 16 3 "Stage Two sent multiple competitors into the drink, and one after another they all fell at the same place, the Metal Spin. Come on guys, get a grip."
Cliff Hanger 16 4 "Every obstacle is brutal in Stage Three, but one challenge proved more brutaling than any other, the Cliff Hanger. It's a world of pain packed into a tiny two inch grip."
Circle Slider 17 1 "The competitors struggled on all the obstacles, but it was the new Circle Slider that did the most damage. Everybody reached for that brace ring, but only a few could grab onto it."
Warped Wall 17 2 "There are no easy obstacles on the Ninja Warrior course, and today one challenge in particular crushed the competitors spirits, the Warped Wall. With a cruel curve, it bent even the toughest warriors to its will."
Warped Wall 17 3 "Most competitors today found the first stage to be a breeze, but one obstacle was impossible for Mr. Ninja Warrior to clear, and he hit the wall, the Warped Wall. It may have only taken out one challenger, but that's enough to make it the Ninja Killer.
Rope Glide 18 1 "The new course is tougher than ever, and the Rope Glide isn't even letting competitors get off the mat. So close, and yet so wet."
Jumping Spider 18 2 "The new obstacles are treacherous, but one has crushed the most dreams today, the Jumping Spider. Maybe they should call it the Diving Spider."
Salmon Ladder 18 4 "The new course's are packed with impossible challenges, but the Salmon Ladder wiped out the most competitors. Hook, Line, and Sinker.
Jumping Spider 19 1 "All of the new obstacles are brutal, but one has been squashing competitors left and right, the Jumping Spider. Here's a hint, the jumping is the easy part."
Flying Chute 19 2 "Every obstacle in the first stage is punishing, but the Flying Chute has hunged up the most competitors. It's one smooth fast slide, to failure."
Jumping Spider 20 1 "In this first stage, all the obstacles do their fair share of damage, but the Jumping Spider is a true standout. With the number of people that whined up in the water, it might as well be a diving board."
Half Pipe Attack 20 2 "The first stage is nothing short of a minefield of brutal obstacles, and today the unleashed its fury on the most competitors. This rope is the opposite of being hung out to dry."
Log Grip 21 1 "While there aren't any easy obstacles in the first stage, one stood out and claimed the most victims, the Log Grip. Remember, cling for your life, rinse and repeat."
Salmon Ladder 21 4 "Stage Two is full of punishing obstacles, but none as cruel as the dreaded Salmon Ladder. It's the challenge that proves, if your not a big fish, then you get thrown back into the water."
Log Grip 22 1 "The new Circle Hammer slowed people down, but it was the familiar Log Grip that tooked out the most competitors. Meet the tree that turns the challengers into drift wood."
Jumping Spider 22 2 "And no obstacle deserves it more than the Jumping Spider. Hard show of strength, hard leap of faith. If you're lucky, all you hit is the water."
Slider Jump 22 3 "The first stage has always been difficult, but the new Slider Jump obstacle has raised the bar. Dropping out of competition has never been this big of a fall."
Slider Jump 22 4 "The Slider Jump is the course's newest obstacle, and today it proved to be the toughest. When faced with this challenge, even the best and the brightest see failure coming down the pipe."
Cliff Hanger 22 5 "And the honor goes to the Cliff Hanger. Redesigned and tough than ever before, not even a profesional rock climber could endure this punishing obstacle. Don't look down."
Twelve Timbers 23 1 "Stage One has always been brutal, but now the new Twelve Timbers obstacle is taking the spring out of the challengers steps. With logs at different angles and different heights, it's easy to get lost in this forest."
Slider Jump 23 2 "The Slider Jump. This obstacle requires more than strength and control, it requires perfect timing. If you don't leap at the right moment, you might as well be sliding straight into the water."
Jumping Spider 23 3 "The Jumping Spider might not be new anymore, but that doesn't mean it's any easier. Whether you lose your footing, or mistime your jump, the water is always waiting."
Salmon Ladder 23 4 "The course is full of brutal obstacles, but few are feared as much as the dreaded Salmon Ladder. Competitors may be flying high after a Stage One victory, but this cruel obstacle always brings them down to earth."
Spider Flip 23 5 "Most competitors fear Stage Three's brutal Cliffhanger, but the Spider Flip is just as impossible. It's hard enough to make the leap of faith, but if you don't have the grip of a champion, a watery fall can't be far behind."
Twelve Timbers 24 1 "Most obstacles are difficult, but when there are twelve steps to master, there are twelve chances to make a mistake. Whether they slip from it, flip from it, or missed it all together, the Twelve Timbers trimmed out more fat from the competition than any other obstacle."
Log Grip 24 3 "Getting through the first stage has never been harder, and one obstacle has proved that, more than any other, the Log Grip. Hold on for your life, or it will be the shortest ride you ever been on."
Metal Spin 24 4 "Stage Two is full of brutal obstacles, but one challenge spun more competitors out of the competition than any other, the Metal Spin. Remember to hold on or you'll end up sopping wet."
Final Tower 24 6 "One obstacle is the biggest and baddest of them all, the Final Stage Tower. Even for those few athletes strong enough to reach it, they almost all come up short."
Jump Hang 25 1 "All the redesign obstacles are difficult, but it's the familiar Jump Hang that's causing the most heartache and trouble for our competitors. No matter how high, how hard, or how far the jump, they just can't seem to get a grip."
Dome Steps 25 3 "No matter what talent today's challengers displayed at the start line, it's the Dome Steps that caused a lot of sour notes. Competitors learned once again that failure is just one step away."
Balance Tank 25 4 "Stage Two is full of imposing obstacles, but the one that caused the most heartache was the Balance Tank. One slip and they were down."
Ultimate Cliffhanger 25 5 "The Ultimate Cliffhanger requires the utmost focus and determination, but it's proven to be ultimately impossible. Sending everyone whose faced it, ultimately into the muddy water."
Rolling Escargot 26 1 "All of the obstacles are difficult, but the Rolling Escargot has proven to be much more than a appetizer. If you lose your grip, you'll go from spinning to swimming."
Jumping Spider 26 2 "The new obstacles have devoured the competitors one by one, but beyond them lies an old foe, the Jumping Spider. Maybe they should call it the diving spider instead."
Salmon Ladder 26 4 "The obstacles of Stage Two may not have changed, but they remained some of the most imposing on the course. And the one that caused the most agony today was the Double Salmon Ladder. It's the one that proves, if you're not a big fish, then you get thrown back into the water."
Rolling Escargot 27 1 "All of the obstacles are treacherous, but the Rolling Escargot has slowed down the competition to a snail's pace. You can bring a fork, but that doesn't mean you will be dining on Escargot."
Salmon Ladder 27 4 "Stage Two has its share of daunting obstacles, but the most nightmarish of all is the Double Salmon Ladder. If you're not prepared mentally and physically to take this obstacle on at full force, it can immediately become the fish that got away."
Flying Bar 27 5 "The Third Stage is full of diabolically obstacles, but today's competitors are finding that the real enemy is the Flying Bar. If you don't make that bar fly, prepare to sink like a stone."

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